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Top 10 Best Natural Hair Oil For Long Hair Growth

Indian women are possessive and protective when it comes to their hair so they prefer for the best hair oil for the growth . They can do everything that would make their hairs look perfect and healthy. To have perfect and healthy hairs they end up having chemical treatments, unaware of the consequences but nowadays, chemicals are not only the factor that damages hair, but some harmful external factors, such as dust, pollution, unhealthy eating habits, and stress also have an adverse effect on your hairs.


These days there are varieties of oil present in the market which are designed for long hair growth. And to choose one of the best hair oil is not tough. Here we bring a list of the 10 best hair oils that can work best on your hairs and make your hairs go longer and thicker.

1. Satthwa Premium Hair Oilbest hair oil for long growth

Made with 9 oils – Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Amal oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Emu oil, Olive oil & Vitamin E. It tackles the problem of hair fall, prevents dandruff and premature greying of hair, and helps with hair growth.

2. Kesh King Hair Oil

Made with natural products like amla, retha, and sesame oil, Kesh King is one of the most widely used oils used by women in India. It deals with a wide range of hair problems, including rough hair texture, split ends, damage, and hair fall.


Using this oil weekly has great and quick results. It also helps in adding volume to your hair making it silkier and shinier. This oil is made of 21 herbs which are cooked with a combination of essential oils like castor, coconut, and sesame oils which are hair growth promoters.

 3. Himalaya Herbals Hair Oilhimalya

Particularly made for fighting hair loss, Himalaya herbals are one of the ideal anti-hairfall shampoos one must go for. Considered a herbal shampoo made up of natural ingredients, it can also help in curing dryness and dandruff.

Its protein formula helps in strengthening hair roots making them strong and nourished. It also consists of bhringraj and Amalaki that stimulate healthy hair. This shampoo has no side effects on your hair and can be used twice a week.

4. Natural Tulsi Herbal Hair Oil

Khadi Natural Tulsi Herbal Hair Oil contains a blend of rich ingredients like tulsi, amla, camphor, neem, shikakai, and sesame oil. It stimulates new hair growth and prevents hair loss. This oil also helps in eliminating scalp infections and dandruff. It goes perfect on all hair types and improves the quality of your hair making it light and nongreasy.

 5. Parachute Coconut Hair Oilparachute

The Parachute Coconut Hair Oil is the one we all have seen in our homes. It is one of the most widely used hair oils in India. The essential ingredients present in it include vitamin E, fatty acids, and certain minerals which make you healthier and frizz free.


It deeply nourishes your hair preventing breakage to a great extent. Parachute oil is non-greasy and has a grease-free texture. Also, there are no chemicals present in it that might cause damage to your hair. Hot oiling can bring wonders to your hair formula every short period of time.

6. Sesa Hair Oil

sesaSesa hair oil is one of the ideal solutions for longer and healthier hair. It is made from an ayurvedic formula that consists of several natural herbs such as sesame oil, Karpura, amla, Aretha, neem beej, Saraswati, yashtimadhu, nili oil, and lemon oil. This oil not only promotes hair growth but also helps in preventing hair damage or hair loss.


The natural constituents present in it have amazing anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which helps in preventing scalp infections and dandruff. It also helps in reducing the dryness of your hair which makes them look stronger and shinier.


7. Dove Elixir Hair Oil

Dove oil is recently launched in the market and is gaining much popularity among the ladies because of its amazing effect on hair. Its rich formula consists of certain vitamins and minerals that promote the growth of your hair and prevents damage. The dove hair oil is available in three variations- Dove Dryness Control, Nourished Shine, and Hair Fall Solution.


8. Dabur Amla Hair Oildabur amla

Enriched with amla extracts, Dabur amla hair oil is been widely used for years. It strengthens the root of your hairs which makes them strong and nourished. It provides natural shine to your hairs that smooths the texture of hairs and makes them free from dryness and frizziness. This oil is nonsticky and can be used on regular days to maintain hair.


9. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil

Kesh Kanti Oil has now become one of the bestselling brands of oil these days. Its anti-hair fall formula is designed to prevent breakage and hair fall from the external environment. Natural ingredients present in it protect the hairs from getting damaged and keep them soft and silky. It deeply nourishes the root of your hair which keeps your hair healthy and nourished.

10. IndulekhaBringha Hair Oilindulekha

This oil is one of the most popular and best-selling brands of oil in India, and provides nourishment to hair, making it stronger and thicker. It has certain essential herbs and Ayurvedic medicinal cures for hair fall, and dandruff.

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