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Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare’s family blasts

At Vikkas Manaktala’s woman Gunjan for this argument | Detect out

Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare's family blasts
Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare’s family blasts

Bigg Boss 16 piecemeal from difficulties inside the house, it seems a no identical game is being played among the competitor’s family indeed outside the house. Lately, Shiv Thakare’s family banged Vikkas Manaktala’s woman for some unwarranted allegations. Read on to see: Bigg master 16 The show has been a constant in making captions for its masaaledaar dispute, be it inside the house or outside. The followership has formerly observed a tiff between Vikkas Manaktala and Shiv Thakare in the show.

Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare's family blasts
Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare’s family blasts

Now after Vikkas’s oust a new twist has catch in the publiceye. lately, Gunjan Wali, Vikkas’s woman has quote Shiv of reportedly hiding her hubby’s clothes and wearing out them after his exit from the show. Taking a till at Gunjan, Shiv Thakare’s family has thudded her for the entire false claim. Shiv’s family released a sanctioned statement rubbishing the allegations. The statement read,” We as Shiv’s platoon remain to conserve a staid stillness on all effects spoke by other people as we see that his suckers and his people see the sort of person Shiv is, who would no way stop down low or indeed try to be a portion of any jollying. Having spoken that, there have been several people and the recent bone ‘s being Vikkas and Gunjan who have charge some actually disagreeable and slighting claim on Shiv. For the story, not precisely one or two but Shiv has a platoon of three hairstylists inviting him for the show and there is no failure of clothes, shoes, or any other necessary effects in the house!”

The statement farther read,” But without indeed chat or indeed trying to charge the exclusive matter, Mrs. Manatkala has gone along ahead and spoke jollying effects for Shiv which has deeply hurt the sentiments of his suckers and family.

Bigg Boss 16 Shiv Thakare's family blasts
Bigg Boss 16 Shiv Thakare’s family blasts

While the matter is being appeared into internally, we requisition the media to not write anything precisely because they’ve the authority to enunciate or write consequently. And we will give a counterpoise reply to this once we come to see what the exact figure was and will surely take this in legit fashion”. still, the actress caddy the tweet latterly. In the tweet, Gunjan mentioned how she eyed Shiv Thakare wearing out the clothes of her hubby Vikkas Manaktala during one of the Bigg Boss 16 occasion telecasts. She had penned, “#ShivThakre. Return#VikkasManaktala clothes. How can you indeed break his clothes? His scents, his pink shirt you took and wore out which I transferred him in the first week. I saw all of this in the live feed. He concavity get any of his clothes and now you’re wearing out it.#shameful.” This did not end there, Gunjan again took to Twitter to establish her protestation, she set to relax the rumours about the suit not being Vikkas as she participated the name label of the bag she entered the suit which easily stated it was her hubby’s. “ As soon as the platoon traced it, he was asked abruptly to shoot it ago, & you can know for yourself in the occasion that he changed the outfit incontinently. Whether it’s a mistake or mischief I do not see. But as someone who was tracing it for long, it did get me worried & I replied, ” she appended. She end the matter stating, “ Hi, for those who spoke this suit isn’t vikkas’s, I’ve precisely entered it ago from the platoon. I had been tracing this along with the other stuff which was in the same knot since week 1. We weren’t suitable to trace it, till I eyed some other competitor wearing out it. It did aggravate me ”. Well, it seems that Shiv Thakare has some replying to do to Gunjan for sure. Bigg Boss 16 charade on Colors television from Monday to Friday at 10 pm. The weekend special occurrences are hosted by Salman Khan.

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