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Menstruation: How to talk about periods with your Adult Girl

Talking about periods or menstruation has always been restriction across cultures and community. But as experts point out, it’s important to talk to your children about periods and prepare young girls so that they are neither scared nor self-conscious that first time.

Menstruation is the normal vaginal bleeding that happens every 28-35 days (typically) as part of a woman’s monthly cycle. When a girl hits adolescence, she starts getting her periods. While it’s a natural scientific phenomenon, social and cultural restriction around the subject has meant that people of both genders find it difficult to discuss menstruation or periods openly. This leads to a lot of uncertainty among youngsters, who pick up wrong information from the internet or a generation group that’s as inexperienced as themselves. While both boys and girls should be told about periods, it’s necessary to prepare young girls before they get their first cycle. Recognition will help her not feel any embarrassment or trauma.


Anika Parashar, Founder & CEO of The Woman’s Company, shares, “The beginning of menstruation is a life-changing journey for a young girl. It can be beautiful and make her feel especially empowered. However, most of the time, due to the lack of awareness, and uncertainty, a girl’s first period is repeatedly a traumatic experience because she doesn’t know what’s going on with her body. Therefore, as a parent, it’s very important to have the “period talk” with your daughter.”

Few Tips for parents to talk to daughters about periods


Anika Parashar gives tips on how to have the period talk with daughters:

  1. Start early:It’s best to talk to your girl about periods before she is due to begin her cycle. This ensures that she gets the right information as against to unplanned details from friends or other sources.
  2. Keep it simple:Start with the simple details. Make it dependent and not preachy. Ask her what she knows about adolescence and menstruation. Based on their answers, guide them further by right them where they are wrong.
  3. Talk regularly: Do not make menstruation a restriction subject. Normalize periods for them because there’s no doubt that at first, this discussion may be very difficult and painful for most kids. It might take more than one conversation for them to completely understand this change. So break the silence.

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