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Wild Dog : watch it or skip it | Telugu Movie 2021


The Gist:

After a bomb goes off in a restaurant, killing several innocent people, an NIA (National Investigation Agency) officer decides to lead the hunt for the attacker. The hunt for the bombing’s mastermind brings them across the border into Nepal, prompting the officer known as “Wild Dog” to get creative with his takedown.

Wild Dog

What Would It Remind You Of?:  Wild Dog is a typical action film, with hints of the Bourne trilogy and a splash of the Taken franchise, but it falls short of both.

The film should be a showcase for Nagarjuna Akkineni’s performance as the titular Wild Dog, but Bilal Hossein’s performance as the hunted bomber, Khalid, brings the film to life. His delivery is clean, and his ferocious intensity brings a familiar tale to life.

Characters with Memorable Dialogue: Surprisingly, the protagonist, Khalid, has the best dialogue. He writes poems about his destructive bomb-making. “When I think to make a bomb, I always think about my mother. She used to make a lot of food for me, but just in small portions, and she used to feed me with her mouth. That’s when I realized that everything should be done with passion. “God is in the little things.”

Skin and sex: Neither! I applaud the film for not attempting to cram in a clumsy romance. Instead, we’re treated to two hours of nonstop action.

Our Opinion: Wild Dog isn’t evil, but the idea isn’t particularly original. It is an action film. There is a lot of violence and comedic stunts (especially in the desert, when Wild Dog inexplicably soars in slow motion when shooting bad guys), as well as a healthy amount of deceit among the people assisting with the task. Despite the screenwriter’s attempts to deceive the viewer, I was never shocked by the plot’s course.

The lack of personal attachment to the central character is perhaps the most egregious flaw. Wild Dog is, in the end, the story of a man whose daughter was killed in an incendiary bombing, but there is no evidence of remorse or resolute indignation driving Wild Dog to seek vengeance. Since he is a member of the Indian government, it is assumed that he is fulfilling a professional duty rather than pursuing a personal vendetta. There’s no sense of urgency here, and there’s no emotional attachment to the titular Wild Dog.

So there you have it. It’s all right. Start watching Netflix if you’re a fan of the finer things in life. There are, however, better action films to watch if you want something with teeth.

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