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What is Career

A career is a trip fated towards the world of work.A career means you stay in the same type of
work. A career can be one job or numerous jobs. You can work for one company or numerous
companies. A career is occasionally called a career path. A career includes education, training,
and work experience.The work that fulfills the purpose of your life. For an illustration, suppose
your purpose is to serve the country so to fill it fully, perhaps you will join the Army Air Force
Navy or IAS, IPS and civil services or can serve the country by getting a politician, scientist or
social worker and you can fulfill the purpose of your life. Some people believe that once they get
the perfect job, it becomes a career and some people believe that good education means a
good career. This is the entire process of education and job, and the progress and experience
gained in the job and quite a lot of literacy is part of a career.Before choosing a career,

it is important to have a purpose, but one should do whatever the heart desires in matters of career.
Career is a big question for today’s children and also for their parents. Some children relate
career to education, some children relate career to jobs and some children relate career to
occupation. Today’s generation, there are misconceptions in the minds of children regarding
career and children from these misconceptions they relate career to education, job and
occupation. Career means navigating the world of work, like singing, dancing, cooking,
drawing, playing etc whatever activity we do in this profession is called career. We can set our
career in those things which skills we have invested in learning and gaining knowledge. Some
people believe that if they get admission in medical, engineering, MBA, biotechnology or other
courses, if they get admission in a particular college or university they think they have made
their career but they are wrong. Some people say if they get a job as a banker, software
engineer or xyz company they have made their career here.

importance & benefits of career

Some people think if they become
engineer, politician, teacher, banker they have made their career so this is also wrong. Job,
occupation and education is a part of a career. For an example, as a occupation we can talk
about suppose sails and marketing, telecalling, banking operation and training and development
these types of jobs under in banking, and the education we will have to undergo to get that job
like banking examination, MBA, chartered accounatant you can get a job after completing your
education and this is the difference between occupation, job and education these are the part of

Importance & benefits of career

*Career has two meanings:

1) Internal meaning
2) External meaning
Human science says that only 0.5 people have special god gifted talent. And it shows the age of
16 to 19.We have two choices Job and business but in India 85% people are in job and 15%
peoples are in business.
*Importance of career:
In today’s competitive world, it has really become difficult to select the right kind of career which
not only suits the students’ skill sets but also allows them to excel in their profile. The situation
gets worse with the lack of opportunities and right direction. In all such circumstances, career
guidance plays an important role.

top view career written note with stickers notepad white background job office copybook salary college business color 1

Why is it important:
Students interest is considered to help the student to manage his or her career effectively so
one can achieve their important goals. Various career tests help them to identify their field of
interest, skills and capabilities.The careers tests conducted will also help the students to select
the right kind of job which will suit their personality. A career increases the likelihood that you will
earn higher pay and better benefits. You will be of greater value to employers as you progress in
your career, and you will be rewarded accordingly.

importance & benefits of career

*Benefits of career:
1) Retirements plans
2) Insurance
3) Identity
4) Professional development
5) Regular paycheck
6) Steady income
7) Employment benefits
8) Fixed schedule
9) Job security
10) Meet new people

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