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Neha Dhupia at the gunpoint of trollers

Neha Dhupia at the gunpoint of trollers

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia always finds a place in media discussions for her look in particular. Neha Dhupia is counted amongst Bollywood’s impeccable actress. She is currently visible on MTV Roadies as a gang leader. Neha Dhupia also gives advice to the contestants here and also receives indignant on them.

Neha Dhupia has ended up very indignant with a contestant in Roadies. Neha Dhupia’s behavior has made her fans very irritated. This conduct of Neha is getting much grievance on social media. Actually, the contestant had advised a story display associated with his girlfriend to Neha Dhupia. Contestant said that his girlfriend had an affair with five people besides him.

The contestant said that he knew all 5 of her boyfriends too. He told them that he called all 5 of her boyfriends and in front of them, he slapped her. Neha Dhupia stated after hearing the complete matter that it’s her choice to date 5 boys and that nobody has given him the right to slap his girlfriend, no matter what.

Now, this conduct of Neha on Twitter is being strongly opposed. People are soliciting for the recommendation on their relationship by using Neha Dhupia.
A user asked Neha, ‘I have 5 girlfriends and for this, my girlfriend slapped me. Neha Dhupia, will you inform me that this is my choice?’

So a long way, there has been no reaction from Neha Dhupia. It is now to look at what Neha Dhupia says at the social media response.

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