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Top 10 Dishes Of Delhi | Delhi Mouth Watering Dishes



Delhi Mouth Watering Dishes

Despite its beautiful culture and heritage Indraprastha (a.k.a Delhi) is known for its Delicious, Yummy and Mouth Watering Food.YAYY!! You heard it right, Delhi is a typical Foodie’s Junction and All in one Paradise for the people who want to explore the taste of each and every place. Delhi has it all. A trip to Delhi is incomplete without tasting its Delhi mouth-watering dishes and icing on the cake is that, It’s super budget-friendly. Even if you have a few bucks in your pocket, You won’t go home hungry if you’re in Delhi.


We know you’re hungry already  So Let’s explore Delhi Mouth Watering Dishes 



delhi mouth watering dishes


CHHOLE BHATURE- The Heart of Every Delhiite 

The Sundays of Delhi People: Mouth-Watering  Dishes of Delhi is Chhole and fluffy bhatura with Salad and Pickle. Add to the fact, If you’re a Punjabi, You can have them anytime. The best thing Delhi has to offer is Chhole Bhature, From vendors to five-star hotels, From street markets to Malls, This dish is the one you will find everywhere around Delhi. In short, It is the King of all and loved by everyone who lives or visits here.

Delhi Mouth Watering Dishes

PAO BHAJI- Everyone’s Favourite

Pao Bhaji is one of the evergreen dishes of Delhi. Pao is the famous round-shaped soft bun or bread and Bhaji is made up from the vegetables after they are being crushed and it is served with full butter and lemon to make the taste more scrumptious. We dare you to find anyone who doesn’t like this dish.


Delhi mouth watering dishes

PAKORAS- Delhi Mouthwatering Dishes 

Pakoras are the best thing to have when you are not too hungry, but cannot stop your cravings to eat something Spicy, salty and full of different varieties. Not just Delhiites Pakoras are loved by all the Indians and The best thing to have with them is Tea and combination of bitter and sweet- Green Sauce(also known as Chutney) Pakoras comes in Small and big shapes and sizes, they are best to eat during the evening.



Delhi mouth watering dishes

MOMOS- Most satisfying dish ever

Momos are one of the most popular and everyone’s favourite. These small dumplings are made from white flour (Maida) which contains veggies paneer or chicken, Now the momos are also coming in varieties like Fried Momos, Gravy Momos, Tandoori Momos. They are served with authentic and spicy Red sauce and mayonnaise. Momos Vendors in Delhi are increasing day by day and are approximately 5000+.

NON VEGETARIAN FOOD- Most Popular and Loved by all the Non-vegetarians

delhi mouth watering dishes


Non-Veg Food has Unlimited Variety, You name a thing and you will get to taste it. The small vintage lanes of Delhi Mouthwatering Dishes are still famous for their Kebabs and Mutton and you will always find uncountable customers who visit daily to experience the aura of Mughals. Last but not the least, Butter chicken is the first choice from the menu. Well, non-vegetarians can eat chicken wherever they go. If you come to Delhi, you shouldn’t miss eating chicken from Old Delhi.

CHINESE FOOD- Heavenly taste for your Taste buds


delhi mouth watering dishes

Delhi Mouthwatering dishes is also famous for its Chinese food. Can’t say No to it, You can’t say You Love Chinese if you have not tasted Chinese food in Delhi. From Momos to Noodles, Chinese can always satisfy your taste buds and Things may come and go, Chinese food remains constant and how I missed to mention Chili Potato.

PARANTHE- Old is Gold 

Delhi mouth watering dishes


Do they need any mention? We have the lane called “Paranthe Waali Gali” in Chandni Chowk which is only famous for Paranthas served with Butter and typical Punjabi flavours and essence. Paranthas are  Must-Try if you are in Delhi. And If you are a typical foodie, You cannot miss Murthal Parathas in Sukhdev Dhaba and Gulshan Da Dhaba who serve in Pure ghee which gives a typical Punjab feel in Delhi.

CHAAT- You can have it anywhere and Anytime 

delhi mouth watering dishes

Every lane of Delhi has local vendors and chaat stalls that serve Tikki chhole, masala aaloo, and especially Ram Ladoo (Small fried pakoras contains dal and potatoes served along with Poodina chutney) and Aaloo Chaat, which is enough to make you smile every evening. There is no doubt that Delhi is also known as the Street Food Capital.


delhi mouth watering dishes

Rolls are the most popular mouth-watering dish loved by all vegetarians and Non-vegetarians due to their vast variety like Chaap roll, Paneer roll, Kathi roll, Chicken Roll, Kebab Roll served with onion and a mixture of sauces in One thin wrap also known as rumali roti. From small markets to big hotels of Posh areas, Rolls are served and loved by them all.

DESSERT AND SWEETS- We know you are already Craving

delhi mouth watering dishes

As said ‘Khaane ke baad kuch Meetha hojaye’. If food is the heart of Delhi, then Sweets are its beats. Rasmalai is one of the most famous followed by warm gulaab jaamun and endless variations of more can make anyone fall in love with this city. Ask anyone about the Delhi-Food and you will always get a Positive Response as We Have It All.  After all,

 Delhi Dilwalo Ki- Delhi belongs to Heartful People


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