What Is Friendship To You ?

Friendship:                                                                                                                                childhood friends

We are familiar with the word “Friendship” from our childhood, the first day of school. When we go to school the first time, we got our first friend at that age. That feels us safe and secure when we got someone that much close to us who is our friend and we trust him a lot after some time.

But it is not like, you trust him/her from day one. It takes time, you spent time together, understand each other. That togetherness and strong connection give you the confidence to trust your new friend. Not always necessary that your first-day friend will be your true friend and always stay with you.


Here, more important is how you interact with people and how they treat you. Sometimes it happens that you want to be a friend of someone but they don’t want to be yours. Then you always try to interact with them and they ignore you if they don’t ignore then they must not be considering you as their friend.

It is a disappointing and sad feeling for you but never let down always try to talk with more people around you and try to understand them. Try to make more friends but those who want to be your friend from their heart and soul. They will be your true friend.

In friendship, we earn friends by our sense and good behavior with them. People don’t want egoistic and cheesy behavior of anyone.

old age friends

Friendship is a kind of relationship that we make with self-understanding as if you don’t like any relative and their behavior you don’t have an option to change them but you can change your friend. It is all your choice what kind of friends you want around you.

You should take more precautions while choosing a friend, never hurt anyone always try to show humble and descent behavior to your friends.

“A friend is somebody who understands your previous life, believes in your upcoming life, and accepts you just the way you are.”

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