Are Your Facing Common Hair Problems ?

hair care

Hair Care:

Everyone wants beautiful heavy n healthy hair that always shines n smooth but not weak, thin, split ends, and freeze hair. But most of the time instead our hair got a dull appearance, rough, overly dry looks flatter, unnecessarily tangled, and noticeable hair loss and thinning.

Common hair problems

dryness and dandruff problems

  • Dandruff-

    It’s a condition that mainly affects our scalp. It includes symptoms like flaking and mild itching. A more severe form of the condition, which includes inflammation of the skin. It may be genetic and environmental factors.

  • Thinning-

    Hair flaking normally happens but an excessive amount of hair flaking should be taken seriously due to the excess amount of flaking hair that could lead to eventual hair loss.oil massage

  • Overly Dry-

    overly Dry hair is bad condition but conditioning is an option that can improve it. If conditioning seems to do nothing for dry hair and it appears dry and lacking shine that means your hair really facing an unhealthy state.

  • Dull Appearance-

    it’s a very common sign that we noticed are plain, boring, and dull hair it has lost its natural shine. It’s the condition when hair lost their luster look even after shampoo and conditioner that mean hair might be damaged.

  • Split Ends-

    split end is a condition when the ends of your hair are split what people easily noticed by scanning hair tips. If you see split ends that mean your hair are damaged.                          balanced diet for healthy hair

Tips For Healthy Hair-

  • Always oil your before wash and wash your hair regularly but ensure that your hair must be free of dirt and excess of oil that you applied earlier.
  • Always try to use chemical-free shampoo and use conditioner as per the requirement of your hair.
  • If you see split ends always try to trim your hair regularly it will help in the growth of hair.
  • Avoid the heat styling tools, try to style your hair naturally. Most of the time heating tools affect hair shine and smoothness.
  • Always take a healthy diet including vitamins that are required for healthy hair.
  • For improving the shining of your hair you can rinse with egg white if possible but if you can’t then rinse with some curd which is diluted and even you can rinse with rice water to improve the growth of your hair.



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