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Which is the best hair oil for hair growth in India?

Have you ever wondered which is the best hair oil for hair growth in India? Many people must have been looking for the answer to this for a long time. Which hair oil do you use? Have you ever checked the ingredients of your hair oil? If not then you’ll be shocked. It’s a harsh truth that the Indian market consists of more than 90% of the hair oils containing harmful chemicals which might cause hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, scalp irritation and even cancer in some cases.

It would not be an exaggeration if we call these so-called “hair oils” toxic perfumes. If you are using these oils and not being aware of the consequences, then the chances of getting hair fall problems can drastically be increased. Hence it is very much important to use natural hair oils so that your beautiful hair can get proper nourishment.

So which is the best hair oil for hair growth in India? Let’s find out!

In this blog, we will also be sharing that which hair oil will suit you best according to your hair type and weather condition.

So let’s dig deep into it. For this blog, we have considered and researched about 20 famous hair oils. After researching about all the ingredients of all these oils, there were some disappointing results that came out because all those hair oils which are the most popular ones are also the most toxic ones and by toxic we mean those hair oils which have ingredients that are much more damaging to your hair.

best hair oil for hair growth in India

These are the ones that include petroleum products, harmful alcohols, artificial fragrance, cosmetic colours, BHT and TBHQ like harmful preservatives and much more. The irony is that oil is something that can easily be extracted in pure form but it is sad to say that most of the companies do not care about that.

Here, we have divided these hair oils into three categories based on their ingredients to find out the best hair oil for hair growth in India.


This category consists of those hair oils which are majorly used by the Indian community. These consist of cosmetic colours, artificial fragrance, mineral oils, alcohol and almost all poisonous chemicals which you can think of. Even these hair oils are not the same as they are presented.

For example, let’s start with the Bajaj almond drops oil. If you are using this oil thinking that you are using pure almond oil then sorry to say but it is not at all pure. This oil contains 77% light liquid paraffin (LLP) which is also known as mineral oil and is a no sticky by-product of the petroleum industry which may be contaminated with cancer-causing hydrocarbons. It also includes 21% mustard oil including almond oil. By this, it is very much clear that the almond oil is less than 21% along with artificial fragrance and cosmetic colours.

Also, it is not the case with just Bajaj almond oil, but Dabur’s almond oil too which contains 74% mineral oil and less than 23% almond oil. Dabur amla oil contains 40% mineral oil along with refined vegetable oil and amla is just for the sake of the name. Most of the brands are just focussing on good marketing saying that they have the best hair oil for hair growth in India rather than really focussing on the quality of the product.


This category includes Navratna cool oil, Vatika’s enriched coconut oil, boutique hair oil and Patanjali Kesh Kanti (Basically the so-called ayurvedic hair oils). There is no doubt that these hair oils contain ayurvedic herbs like bhringraj, amla, etc. but the main concern is that these hair oils do not mention their complete ingredients list. These hair oils contain artificial fragrance, cosmetic colours and harsh preservatives. That’s why next time whenever you go for ayurvedic hair oils, check it thoroughly that it doesn’t fall into this category and do not be misleded to have the best hair oil for hair growth in India.

So we have seen that how major companies are focussing on great marketing of the products rather than the quality. But the question arises that if the oils can be easily extracted in pure forms then why is it necessary to add all these chemicals to them?

The first reason is that these ingredients are very cheap. Mineral oil itself is a very cheap, non-sticky and oily kind of substance which neither has any colour nor any fragrance. This is why it is perfect for any adulteration. Do you know that Johnson and Johnson’s baby massage oil is 100% mineral oil?

Secondly, artificial fragrance and cosmetic colours are added to the hair oil just for the sake of a good appearance. However, you’ll be shocked to know that it takes more than 200 toxic chemicals to make one artificial fragrance but brands don’t need to disclose the names of these chemicals because brands have their patents on these particular fragrances.

Lastly, preservatives like TBHQ and BHT are added to increase the shelf life of the product.

By this, it is clear that these harsh chemicals are excellent for manufacturers but not so good for consumers like us.

best hair oil for hair growth in India


Which Hair Oil Should we use? The real best hair oil for hair growth in India!

Are there any genuine oils in the Indian market that can help us in getting longer and stronger hairs?

Fortunately yes! Patanjali’s pure coconut oil and Dabur’s coconut oil fall in this category as they consist of only one ingredient and that is 100% pure coconut oil. A better choice than these would be using Cold Pressed coconut oil because Cold Pressed coconut oil’s grade is always better. If you really want to use genuine almond oil then, you can use Dabur’s badaamrogan oil.

If you are suffering from hair fall problems and you want to use pure ayurvedic hair oil then Baidyanath’sMahaBhringraj oil would be a good choice as the best hair oil for hair growth in India. Kacchi Ghani Sarson Tel (Mustard oil) is easily available in the Indian market and you can use it as hair oil. Pure castor oil is also available and helps in the regrowth of your hair.

Among this huge variety of oils, which one would perfectly suit you depends completely on your hair type and the surrounding weather conditions.

Coconut oil is a versatile, multipurpose hair oil that can be used for almost all hair types but is most effective for dry, dull and damaged hair. Coconut oil is majorly available in places having a humid climate, for example, the seacoast areas. It should be avoided in winters.

Almond oil is the best choice for you if you suffer from dandruff problems. If you have an itchy scalp then having an almond oil massage regularly would be highly beneficial for you.

In case you have dry and rough hair type ten Kachchi Ghani Mustard oil is ideal for your hair, especially in colder regions. Avoid using it in humid regions.

Castor oil is ideal for faster hair growth. You should massage it regularly to experience 3-5 times better growth. It is the best option.

MahaBhringraj oil has medicinal properties. It is a great choice for overall hair nourishment. Getting a massage 2-3 times a week can get you amazing results.

We want to confirm that we are not against or with any brand. No brand mentioned in the best categories has paid us anything. All the information given here in the blog is our honest opinion. Hope this article on the best hair oil for hair growth in India is worthful.


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