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5 Signs Your Mental Health Is falling Apart

5 Signs Your Mental Health Is falling Apart


Mental Health: The Real Pandemic


Mental health has quickly become one of the most pressing social applicacies of its time. In spite of this, there is a startling number of people who fail to realize just how important Mental Health is.

The real pandemic is not COVID 19 but mental health. The people, especially the younger generation are struggling with everything they have ever known, that’s just being taken away and there’s a new set of rules. There is no denying that the lockdown is saving lives but behind closed doors, up and down the country people are struggling to cope up with the intense pandemic situations. It has been noted that many relatives believed that the lockdown may have lead to the deaths of their loved ones. The World College of Psychiatrists has mentioned that there has been an increase in the number of people experiencing severe mental illness since the last lockdown.

Mental Health

Emotional exhaustion is a serious concern and Burn Out is considered as an official mental illness.



2.physical fatigue




 some warning signs to check if your Mental Health at risk:

Mental Health

Changes in the sleeping and/or eating pattern :

You are finding it difficult to eat or sleep right even though you haven’t made any significant changes to your lifestyle. If you do, it’s a serious red flag to your mental well-being.

The changes to note are:

  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Oversleeping
  3. Overeating
  4. Not eating enough


Dramatic changes in a person’s sleeping and eating patterns are often associated with core personal care. When you don’t get enough rest that you need, it can be a bit difficult for you to concentrate and be productive. It makes you more anxious, irritable, and stressed. On the other hand, having an unhealthy diet pattern can lead you to be less energetic, experience a loss of self-confidence, and make you more prone to depression.


  1. Unstable Moods:

Another common sign of having poor mental health is frequent mood swings. Do you find yourself easily irritated or distressed by even the most minor inconvenience? In that case, your mind might be crying out for help. These sudden or intense shifts in your emotions are most likely caused by the emotional exhaustion or overworking yourself.

This symptom is telling you that you are badly in need of a break. When you neglect your Psychological health, your brain finds it more difficult to function and regulate emotions like normal. Because of this one might find himself/herself stressed out all the time, unmotivated to do anything or overwhelmed by everything going on in your life. In extreme cases, some people experience anxiety or panic attacks from not being able to cope up with emotional stress


  1. Disconnection from everything:

Do you often feel isolated from people you are normally very close to? Social withdraw or isolation are some of the worse consequences of poor Mental Health. When this happens, one begins to lose interest in previously enjoyed social activities and don’t want to be around anyone, even loved ones.

You feel disconnected from everything and everyone. You find yourself apathetic and emotionally numb, despite being overfriendly before. These are the symptoms that serve as critical signs that you need to start taking better care of yourself. Isolating yourself completely from others can make it harder for them to help you, so you need to do your best to help yourself. If not, the possible worsening chronic loneliness, emptiness, loss of hope may lead to severe consequences.


  1. Feeling down most of the time

Have you been experiencing prolonged depressive moods? Do you find it hard to feel any sort of pleasure anymore,  even from thongs that used to make you happy? It’s a cause for concern when it comes to your mental health. Aside from being moody  and irritable most of the time , people who’s mental health is hanging on by a thread will seem disinterested, unmotivated and exhausted.


  1. Having difficulty in concentrating:

Do you have difficulty in maintaining your focus and finishing tasks even when the tasks are easy? If you find that its harder than usual for you to concentrate, analyze problems, recall information, or even verbalize your own thoughts, then you maybe suffering from mental exhaustion.


Brain Fog i.e decline in cognitive functioning with a decline in mental health, can happen when you put too much on your plate and not giving yourself the time needed to rest your mind and do things that make you happy or the things you love doing.


This pandemic has been very strange, stressful, and confusing to the people. It was observed in a survey that some people felt bored, tired, stressed, some felt grateful, productive, paranoid, inspired and some were just done with it. While we worry about keeping the virus away and staying physically fit, we have to be concerned about and protect our Mental Health too.

In many parts of the world, lockdowns have stretched for months now, we are keeping distances and not socializing the way we used to. All of that is having an effect on us and our Mental Health. We have often heard that Human Beings are considered as social animals based on science.

All anyone talking about in the current scenario is pandemic. We are being overwhelmed by the constant news updates, some of them true and some of them being false, and that information overwhelming can cause anxiety. In these times, things seem to be out of our control and this constant uncertainty is wearing people down. People are feeling that they are living the same day over and over again.

Mental Health experts have said that the entire generation of medical workers will likely suffer prolonged psychological effects from working through this pandemic. It is those prolonged effects that the Mental Health experts are worried about because we just don’t know when will we see the pack of this pandemic and no one can give any guarantee that the number of cases will not be seen increasing again. So, being aware of the signs of Mental illness, being aware of your physical, social, and mental well-being can save your life.


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