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How to deal with anxiety during a pandemic ?

How to deal with anxiety during a pandemic ?

Happy Minds, Happy Life 

In a world so full of wonder, opportunities, beauty, and love, we seem to prefer to focus on and practice negativity, instead of achieving fulfillment and happiness, which is so much easier to do when you are given the techniques. Today, we are going to learn about how to deal with anxiety during a pandemic!

Life is passing by us as we made excuses about everything and lost out on so much time and enjoyment. We’d allow anxiety to dictate to us… why? Because the fear seemed so real and threatening

Many sufferers feel scared to take action because the possibility of becoming more scared by taking action or by the process of becoming cured or by being ‘forced to do something that they don’t want to, seems so threatening that it’s easier (or safer) to do nothing.


how to deal with anxiety


What we do is simple. It doesn’t require hard work or ‘facing your fears and no one else will know, or need to know, that you are doing it!

Anxiety sufferers seem to exist on the crest of their fears. It seems easier to settle back and allow anxiety to dominate your life than to face the inevitable truth about recovery – that recovery could mean taking on responsibilities again… responsibilities that you can take on and ride with confidence.

 Now, as you are, you judge every opportunity, every event, every challenge based on your anxiety and its domination of your life. When something comes up, you immediately ask “how can I manipulate that opportunity to fit around my anxiety” instead of taking action without compromising.


how to deal with anxiety

Points to Focus

You don’t need to gather your strength to recover!

You don’t need to compose yourself or find a good time to start.

 You don’t need to ‘set a date to start and prepare for the ‘big recovery’!

In fact, as with eating, drinking, breathing, and digesting, there should be no conscious decision-making involved in anxiety recovery and, trust me, there’s no effort either!

The truth is that there is no such thing as anxiety recovery. How can you recover from something that isn’t an illness? How to deal with anxiety during a pandemic?

Anxiety is an emotion… you can’t recover from emotion because you don’t need to, but, you can eliminate the inappropriate anxiety! Contrary to what medics will tell you… you are not ill, not mentally, not physically. All you have done is to start a ‘cycle of anxiety.

Your anxiety control center perceives danger in your environment through your sensory organs and in anxiety disorders, the threat they find is your anxiety symptoms, because there is no real threat to be found. This feeds back data to your anxiety control center and it reacts accordingly.


In anxiety conditions, there is no threat in your environment BUT, due to a kind of ‘design fault’ in the way our anxiety mechanism works, the anxiety control center perceives your anxiety symptoms as a threat and reacts to those instead.

It finds nothing to fear in your physical environment but it finds it in your body. In other words… it produces fear and then gets scared of it. 


how to deal with anxiety


It’s like trying to scare yourself by shouting boo at yourself in a mirror!

Anxiety disorders aren’t disorders at all, they are the manifestation of the interaction between your creative mind and the emotion of fear, and when a person, like you, has heightened creative ability, anxiety disorders can form. That’s why we suffered, That’s why YOU suffer and it’s why 15% of the world’s population are undermined by these conditions.  When you will discover this truth, your life will change automatically. 

Your anxiety is stopping you from accessing your human right to the trappings of ‘normal life’… you know that. I was the same way once.

Waking each day, pondering how you feel, calculating how to navigate the day, how to manipulate people and activities to stay ‘calm’ is just not right.

Because you get so ‘caught up in the mind that anxiety sends out to your body, because the resultant physical ‘symptoms are so intense, because of the confusion, frustration, sadness, and losses that usually accompany high anxiety, your focus gets diverted.

This is how obsessions and compulsions, anxiety, and restricted living escalate.

But what sufferers don’t realize is that this hypochondria isn’t an illness, it’s the normal and quite necessary behavior of a mind in the throes of a fear response.

If you didn’t have these thoughts, there would be something wrong with your emotional responses.

The ONLY problem is that they are inappropriate NOW… not that they are wrong.

They are risk assessments created by the emotion of fear and without them, you’d be in danger.

The mind turns on emotions and turns them off within nano-seconds every day… your mind is doing it now. Fear is an emotion… an emotion you can switch off.


how to deal with anxiety


The mind is a computer, managing files, images, memories, and behaviors, gathering data from data collectors (the senses), acting like scanners and other peripherals on a computer, feeding back data to the hard drive.

As we go through life, we collect information and the brain and body manage that data.

Just like our mind organizing data into what’s important and what’s not, discarding data that has value

At last, We want to re-assure you that you are safe and can overcome anything in life


Wishing you a Happy Mind and Happy Life during this Pandemic


how to deal with anxiety




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