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Yoga can play a very important role in the prevention of coronavirus in children. If their immunity which is known as herd immunity is boosted then they can stay safe from covid -19 disease. Having a strong immunity system, children should be able to recover at a time. this is beneficial all the time to keep your body fit. When the immunity is strong no matter what kind of disease will attack your body. whether it is bacteria or virus the child will remain healthy and fight against the virus.

The immune system protects your child from a harmful disease that could enter their body from the outside environment. A strong Immunity system also helps to fight against the disease that causes bacteria that could occur inside the body. The main point of the immune system is to eliminate virus fungi that Could never harm us and to remove them from the body.

How can we build immunity in kids?

In the situation of covid -19, the world has come to shut down, and we find ourselves locked up within the four walls of our house with young and restless children! If you know a thing about children, you will appreciate that being stuck indoors with the hyperactive. So, hopeless to say, you need to come up with ways to occupy the wired mind and work out to keep your body fit and energetic .it is important to do exercise daily.

What kind of workout are possible at home to increase immunity?

Yoga asanas are the best to increase immunity in a close and limited space. yoga you can do anywhere it keeps your body relax, challenging, and calming – just the correct combination of contradictions for capricious children!

What affects the most to your child’s immunity system?

Mostly Common things that could affect the immunity System are given below :

  • Not eating Food on time.
  • Not Taking Proper sleep and rest
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress
  • Loneliness
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Illness and most adequated to mobile.

Thus, there is nothing for the many new infections arising these days, especially we should prevent ourself from the disease by doing exercise daily to keep our body fit and healthy .this is the best protection To Fight Against the diseases. In this context, let us discuss how to increase the immunity of our kids.

Here are 8 Moves of yoga asanas that increase the immunity of your kids.

Anulom – Vilom:

immunity system

Slowly close your right nostril with your right thumb, inhale your breathe into your left nostril and close it, let the breath out through the right side of the nostril. Then inhale through your right, close it to exhale breathe only through your left. This makes one cycle.

Kapal Bhati:

immunity system

‘Kapal’ is a skull and ‘Bhati’ is known as ‘shining/illuminating’. Therefore, Kapalbhati Pranayam another name is Skull Shining Breathing exercise. Inhale breathe normally and exhale with a short, rhythmic, and forceful breath.



This Move of asana, keep your head is lower to your heart and blood circulation to the face increase. shishuasana help to keep calm the nervous system and make your immunity stronger.


immunity system

Fold your feet forward with your upper body as you exhale your breath. Drop your head down and keep your shoulder and neck relax. Bend your knees slightly and Place palms next to your feet. Hold this asana for a few minutes.


immunity system

This Move of asana is also effective in opening up the chest and shoulder helping to take the breathing passageway.

  • It also gives a good stretch to your thigh and improves the flow of gastric juice and helps indigestion.
  • It also helps in the circulation of blood, which increases immunity.


immunity system

  • This asana will stretch the abdominal organ and help to fight against infections.
  • It also expands the chest and deep breathing. This will open up the nasal passage, it is a good weapon against the virus or flu.
  • It also relief tightness in the neck and shoulder that helps to regulate relax breathing.


immunity system

  • This move opens up your heart and lungs and stimulates and making your respiratory system powerful.
  • This asana opens up the neck and shoulders and back, help to lose tightness. This move relax the body and keep the mind fresh.

Adho Mukha Svanasana:

immunity system

This move of asana is also known as downward-facing dog pose Asana this is one of the popular yoga Moves. when You do Adho Mukha Svanasana at the starting of your yoga. The move of this asana looks very basic, but it is difficult. Adho Mukha Svanasana works on your entire body and requires a lot of strength.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga will help to make the muscles strong.
  • By doing Yoga regularly we should keep many diseases away and keep our bodies fit.
  • It will keep the body in posture.
  • It will maintain blood circulation.
  • It also maintains your heart rate.
  • It also increases your immunity power.
  • It will make you happy.
  • It will maintain Your Nervous System.
  • Doing Yoga Daily will help to sleep deeper.
  • By doing yoga we will find a healthy lifestyle.

Children should also do pranayama and meditation practice Daily as  Meditation exercise will help the children to remain to relax and this can also Increase to build a strong defense mechanism Against the virus and disease. By a combination of these postures breathing exercises and Yoga Asanas .it is possible to increase the immunity of your body and thus yoga keeps your child safe from coronavirus.

Yoga is more powerful to beat the stress: While Covid-19 cases continue to surge, we need to be even more active, while staying at home and keeping ourselves healthy and fit. While eating right and exercising we should keep our body and mind fit, it is also important to strengthen our overall health by doing any kind of physical activity, it can be Zumba or yoga. The best way to Avoid stress we should do yoga.


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