What Is Health and Wellness | Health Major Issue In 2021

What Is Health and Wellness | Health Major Issue  In 2021

Well in this blog post we will try to understand much more about Health and Wellness respectively and how they differ a bit from each other. Health and Wellness are two different terms with different meanings which often used by people interchangeably. A person cannot have one and not the other but, they are two different concepts that are quite variable, and their meanings are different.

Wellness is pretty much more than just physical health as it is multidimensional. It is categorized into six dimensions which include physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, social, and spiritual wellness.

According to World Health Organization, health is basically a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not the absence of disease or infirmity (illness), and Wellness is the optimal state of health of individuals and groups and is expressed as a positive approach to living.

Generally, the difference between both of them is that one (health) is the main goal and the other (wellness) is the way of achieving it. People actually cannot have health, if they haven’t achieved wellness first. Wellness directly affects a person’s overall health, which is quite essential for living a healthy, joyful, and beautiful life.

What Health vs wellness

Well you cannot choose the state of health, but you can consciously choose wellness by living your precious life responsibly and taking into account positive measures in your daily diet and choices.

  • Health commonly comprises the diagnosis of a disease/sickness, predisposition to a disease, and any unexpected injury.
  • Wellness, an active process of growth and change to help you reach your fullest health and well-being, is associated with pursuing activities, making choices and lifestyle changes, controlling risk factors that can harm a person, focusing on nutrition, having a balanced diet, and following spiritual practices that lead to perfect health. Some Common Health Myths


Is It Essential To Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day?

Not necessarily because everyone has different fluid needs. The weather–both temperature and humidity–plays a part and so does our size, gender, and level of activity.

Sometimes this health claim is more specific. Many people say that 8 glasses of water helps a person in losing weight but it didn’t came out true of 38 overweight and obese teens though, who were asked to drink more water for six months. Whereas it is claimed by some people that drinking extra water beyond the need for what you are thirsty, helps in hydrating and smoothening of skin, reducing headaches, or helps flush more toxins from kidneys.

These claims were also carefully reviewed and were found untrue as it was concluded by the researchers that no clear evidence was found for the benefits from drinking increased amounts of water. It was observed that drinking when thirsty is good enough for most people instead.


Does Everyone Need To Take Multivitamins?



Vitamins are healthy in principal. They are full of the nutrients that let our bodies fight diseases, help in cell growth, and let our organs do their work properly. So taking a daily dose of vitamins seems beneficial, but they aren’t less injurious. Researchers have found that taking supplements of beta-carotene and vitamins A and E in turn increases the death rate.

It has also been found that adults who are well-nourished don’t get any major or disease-fighting benefits by taking extra vitamins.

Still a lot of health-conscious adults take multivitamins. Some reports show that the supplemental use of vitamins has been increased from about 40% of the adult population in the early 1990s to more than half today. Many of the people take their vitamins thinking “just in case,” but the doctors have been saying that the money spent on multivitamins is not essential.

But with all that being said now, some people should take supplements in particular cases. For example, it can be advised by our doctor to take multivitamins when we are pregnant or , are facing particular health problems that would benefit from them.

But if we’re healthy in general, multivitamins would not be doing anything to help us–and may actually bale–our health. Nutritionists agree that the healthiest way to get vitamins into our body is through fruits, healthy diets and vegetables.


                         Can We Catch Diseases From a Toilet Seat?


We may not be thrilled to use a public toilet, but for the most part, we need not fear catching any illness from one. Yes, it is true that disease-causing microbes are everywhere. We can find them on our keyboard, on doorknobs, on windows, on money, and even on our smartphones. Yes, it is obvious that they’re present on the toilet seat too, but which one do you think is cleaned more often–a toilet or our phone?

Which is the one that we hold closer to our face? Compared to other objects we touch every day, the toilet is not a significant source of disease-carrying microbes and would not affect so much on our health.

Another myth that needs to be busted is the one about sexually transmitted infections (STIs). A question arises that Can one really catch an STI from a toilet seat? Almost certainly not because these diseases survive and spread from skin-to-skin contact, and once they hit cold porcelain they are soon dead. Not even a single case is reported of an STI transmitted by sitting on a toilet seat.

On the other side, there are some common microbial diseases that may be spread from toilet seats. E. coli, Strep, and Staph microbes, as well as the microbes (viruses) responsible for colds and flu are some of the examples of those diseases. The good news is that the risk of getting infected is nearly eliminated just by washing our hands. But remember–these disease-causing microbes need a way into your body, and merely resting on our skin won’t cut it. Most need to contact our mucus membranes–your eyes, nose, or mouth–to do any damage. So if you avoid touching your face before washing your hands then there are most chances that you’ll be just fine.


Are We able to Use only 10% of Our Brain?


If we only used 10% of the brain, does that mean we could remove 90% and be fine? People who support this common claim say that if we were able to use the rest of our mental power we could unlock tremendous abilities hiding deep within. The only trouble? It’s not at all true.

The myth remains a myth no matter where it came from. Researchers have found that Brain scans clearly show that no matter what activity you do, your brain is active and engaged. Sure, some parts of the brain are active for some of the activities more than others, but there aren’t any areas that aren’t used.


Does Cracking Knuckles Cause Arthritis?

Just like others, this myth is also just a myth. You may have been irritating people with these popping noises but don’t worry, it will certainly not lead to arthritis. These popping noises actually come from bubbles that burst in our joint fluid. But keep in mind, it doesn’t certainly mean that this habit is damage-free. If you continue to do this regularly, you will be putting yourself at risk of swollen hands.

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