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How internships have shaped the job market in 2021

How internships have shaped the job market in 2021

 How internships have shaped the job market

It has been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred throughout the globe, and it has hit our daily lives pretty hard and In this Article how internships have shaped the job market in 2021. The pandemic has changed the way we eat, the way we shop, party, ultimately, the macroeconomy and the job market. It has impacted the venerable global economy in innumerous ways we never even perceived before. Some experts even suggest that this new normal is here to stay!

More than anything else, the job market took a U-turn, and work from home jobs took over the market by storm. As the job market changed, internships and the way people participate have also changed. This article will explore the impacts of COVID and how internships have shaped the job market in 2021, and how budding candidates can prepare themselves for the challenges the new job market pose.

                                                The Big shift  :

Many business people feel that their industry’s influence in the job market corresponds with the economy’s unemployment rate. During a labor market scenario, employers raise wages and shower candidates with perks. If it is an employer’s market, they cut benefits and payments and attempt to sell a hard bargain. But during this pandemic, we are in an economic slowdown, this one is complex, and the usual tactics don’t apply. Here are the main changes,

  1. Jobs and internships are rebounding as fast as people are getting vaccinated fast.
  2. Workers are trying to avoid positions that might place them at the peril of catching Covid-19, which has led to a significant shift towards work from home jobs.
  3. Many Indians are moving towards areas with the highest employment needs.
  4. While working from home internships have also seen an incredible spike, the internships that require the candidate’s presence, like hospitality, beauty, and travel, are welcoming candidates with open arms after vaccination.
  5. Even though finding the right career path might be challenging for budding candidates, challenging doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

The conventional story centers on the case that unemployment rates are now at an unprecedented high. Nevertheless, a more deciding conclusion for employers might be that, given an economic wreck, job openings are still at unprecedented high levels.

Equipping yourself for the change:

The advantages of excellent internship programs are apparent to students, and we know there is always an implicit gain for host companies. Let’s take a look at how candidates should equip themselves for the post COVID internship scenario.

  • Take special note of the topics, trends, commanding professionals, existing corporations, and thought leaders related to your interest field. It will help you gain a more comprehensive and have an open-minded approach.
  • Dodge those red flags! Research the companies you are interested in thoroughly, and at the same time make sure your social media profiles don’t have any contents that could be a red flag.
  • You might have to take your zoom call interviews more seriously and prepare for them. Try to focus on a niche topic you care about rather than going focussing on the overall industry. For example, let’s say you want to be in the hospitality industry; Focussing on ‘hospitality internships in Thailand’ can be more helpful than simply googling internships abroad. Following the latest media trends and novel technologies will make you the most qualified person in the room.
  • Never say no to an opportunity; in these trying times, you might never know when will be the next one knocking on your door.

Now you have all you need; you know the market scenario, know your niche, and you know how to equip yourself, but is that all? Let’s step outside the box.

Stepping outside the box:

As a person new to the job market looking for internship opportunities, there are so many things that might make you feel overwhelmed. You might feel safe, comfortable, and well cared for in your little nest, but if you want to fly, you need to step out of that safe little nest. They say ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone; there is no saying more accurate than this for a person looking forward to stepping up their career.

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