International Yoga Day 2021: Yoga, meaning ‘Union’ of senses is a five thousand years old practice of physical, mental, and spiritual health having its origin in ancient India. It is considered one of the orthodox philosophical schools of the Hindu religion. It has its traces in several Upanishads and is mentioned in the oldest RIGVEDA. It helps to harmonize the mind with the body through meditation and different body postures known as ‘asanas’. It has been proved that practicing. Yoga helps reduce stress and enhance the immunity of the body. Concrete hints have been addressed for Yoga to improve overall health, body pains and to keep sickness at the shore.

International Yoga Day 2021

WHO (World Health Organization), in Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-30, has specified the benefits of Yoga to improve health. The interconnection of the mind and body can be achieved through the practice of Yoga, which is believed to be the doorway to enlightenment. As it has been popularized in the Western culture as a relaxation method and exercise which adduce to help the general well-being of body and mollify injuries and pain in the body, it has become the part of their lifestyle.

Significance of International Yoga Day 2021

International Yoga Day 2021 has its outset in the United Nations General Assembly in the year 2014. The day 21st June was suggested by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi as this day holds the significance of being the longest day in the year mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun is out for the longest over other days of the year and is called the Summer Solstice as the tilt of the axis of the planet is most tending towards the orbital star in the northern hemisphere, which is the Earth and the Sun in our case.

In the year 2015, the first International Yoga Day was celebrated all around the world. In India, all the requisite preparation was initiated by the Ministry of AYUSH. Twenty-one asanas were performed by Prime Minister Modi with personages from 84 other nations and around forty thousand people at Rajpath, New Delhi which recorded two Guinness World Records. In the year 2019, the International Yoga day was observed with more than fifty thousand Yoga enthusiasts.

The theme for International Yoga Day 2021

Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21st every year with a different theme. The theme of International Yoga Day 2021 is ‘Yoga for well-being’ announced by the Ministry of AYUSH. Acknowledging the gravity of yoga in encouraging universal health and also considering the blow of this ongoing pandemic crisis and its severe impact on the mental and psychological health of people, this year’s theme is pivotal on the wellness of health. The outbreak of the pandemic in the year 2020 was seen as an immense stumbling block for International Yoga Day 2020.

International Yoga Day 2021

Last year, Yoga Day was celebrated at homes ensuring the safety and importance of the health of people with a theme “Yoga for Health – Yoga at Home”. Keeping in view the current pandemic scenario, the ministry has decided to follow last year’s protocols and safety measures exerting the importance of social distancing. Yoga is encouraged at homes like last year. The ministry is observing the 7th IDY with the message – Be with Yoga, Be at home.

When things were normal and people could celebrate this day freely, themes such as ‘Climate Action’ were commemorated as in the year 2019, and people were inclined towards the enthusiasm of Yoga following the Yoga Gurus.

7th International Yoga Day 2021

With the commencement of digitization in the country and the influence of social media platforms in the current industry, the government of India has started different campaigns and fun activities to expand its reach and encourage more people. To commemorate IDY 2021, many contests and events are being organized to boost the awareness of Yoga.

Over 150 Missions and Posts are being extensively magnified around all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with different posts in many languages like French, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and many more. Events like The Curtain Raiser, hosting discussions and webinars, launching mobile applications for Yoga and different contests are being organized virtually.

International Yoga Day 2021

International Yoga Day 2021 Competition

Ministry of AYUSH (MoA) is organizing many events and competitions on the occasion of Yoga day 2021. It has called out for the public at a large digit to participate in the competitions being organized virtually. One of these is to write a Jingle for Yoga day 2021 in the national language that is Hindi and has been introduced in the Constitution of India, Eighth Schedule. Other languages like English and UN languages can also be used.

The composition of Jingle should be very appropriate, suitable, and bewitching and should have a purpose to encourage Yoga and its awareness among people of every age group. The main objective of the composition should be to set out itself as an element of tool to enhance and improve the wellbeing of the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the community.

The competitions and pre-event are organized with a motive to encourage more and more people to participate on June 21 and share the values of adapting Yoga as a part of the lifestyle to boost the immunity of the body system and enhance the power of the senses.

Foods for Yoga Practice on International Yoga day 2021

It is very important to note that diet plays an essential role while practicing Yoga. The right food will help you keep your Yoga sessions at a long duration. You should intake a small number of nuts, dried fruits, or seeds before the practice of Yoga as has been suggested by the experts. You must avoid heavy meals before any kind of workout or Yoga sessions. Also, drinking an adequate amount of water helps restore body fluids. Healthy and nutritious meals which can be easily digested and light should only be preferred after a Yoga session.


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