Is Home schooling Good For Kids ?

Home Schooling: online school

online school

Homeschooling or Virtual school means educating their children from home instead of going to some private or government school. In homeschooling, children are taught by the parents and guardians. Recently in our country and even in the world, there are conditions that happen due to pandemic covid19 that starts homeschooling all over.

  • Kids need to have friends and they want to be around other children But somewhere it’s affecting our kid’s social life because they can’t meet their friends and teachers, can’t play outdoor games.
  • Homeschooling has disturbed the schedule of all kids when they went to school in2019. They used to get up early in the morning. Have a uniform to go to school, meet their friends and they have their own social life with them.
  • Now, kids got up late as schools starting late in online classes and some schools instruct their students to wear school uniforms but some schools ignoring these points.
  • In an online class, there is a big disturbance for family and teachers and many problems with internet connection some time link got broken so kids all of their class.
  • Homeschooling is harder than going to school. Once your kid leaves for school then you are free but now it’s more hectic for parents they need to be more focused n concerned about their kid.                                                                                                                                                                                          homeschooling
  • Parents’ responsibility rises as many parents are doing work from home during this pandemic. Everyone needs a separate room to manage their work from home and even for homeschooling as well.
  • Before this time, working parents are tension free but now they do their work from home and handle their kids. Some people have kids in their lap and they are attending online meetings with clients, seniors, and even with their boss.
  • Teachers are also facing the same problem in online classes. They used to shout but due to some reasons or bad connections children don’t listen to them.
  • Teachers have more problems to teach them online and send them everything online. They are unable to check their home task. They can’t connect with their class one on one.
  • Children are using more electronic gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, and tabs for online classes instead they are playing video games that are affecting their eyes sight.
  • Health issues are also raising like obesity, socially inactive, depression,  and impatient. Which is not a good sign.
  • Parents are overbearing all these problems while teaching their kids. As they can’t even hire a tutor for their kid’s tuition class. Everything they are attending on their own basis.

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