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Janta Curfew in INDIA

Janta Curfew in INDIA

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has termed for ‘Janata Curfew’ on Sunday, March 22. Prime Minister also declared the formation of ‘Covid-19’ under the Union Finance Minister. Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister will meet the Ministers for Dairy and Fisheries, Civil Aviation, Animal Husbandry, MSMEs and Tourism today i.e. 20 March to take evaluation and check the impact of Covid-19 Modi also inquired businesses and great networth individual not to cut wages of their employees.

Stressing on conclude and control, while enquiring the peoples to follow ‘Janata Curfew’ from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday, March 22 he said: “Our patience of Janata Curfew will support us chart the way forward for handling coronavirus in India”.

Janta Curfew

In a declared address to the nation, he continue and he added that no one aside from those included with needed services like  as government services, health, media and sanitation are alleged to deal out of home.

Prime Minister said that there are many powerful people who are in the begin the fighting of the Covid-19 comprehensive like police, government servants, airline staff, medical staff, media persons, train/bus/auto operators and those included in offering home delivery.

To give respects to their big service to the nation during such difficult times, he advised that on March 22 at 5 PM, all peoples should recognise and salute their attempts by standing in the galleries and at the doors of their houses and clap or ring bells for five minutes as a show of gratitude.
BE safe BE aware

‘Covid-19 Task Force’ will discuss with the shareholders on the basis of which opinions will be seized to meet the challenges, he said, adding that it will also assure implementation of the opinions taken to meet these challenges. It is expected to meet on today i.e. 20 March for the first time.

Recognizing that salaried class and daily wage earner suffering alot, Modi  requested the business group and higher income groups to look after the monetary needs of those from lower income communities, from whom they take different services, requesting them not to cut their wages on the days they are helpless to deliver the services due to failure to come to the workplace. He repeated on the need of humanity during such difficult times.

He also assured the peoples that there would not be any lack of needed things like food, milk, medicines etc. He requested people to not address to panic purchasing. He encouraged everyone to work together and support fully to overcome the situation of Covid-19. He said that during the difficult times of such a international comprehensive, it is necessary to assure that ‘humanity wins & India wins’.

Opposition’s reaction

The Opposition parties support the Centre’s efforts to fight against corona virus. However, they requested the Narendra Modi Government to see out right plans clearly to handle the situation than mere metaphor. The Opposition Congress said it will helps the effort, including the Janata curfew,  scheduled by the Centre to fight against corona virus.

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