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LAUGHTER IS GOOD MEDICINE | World Laughter Day 2021

LAUGHTER IS GOOD MEDICINE | World Laughter Day 2021

Laughter is good medicine.

The Legendary late actor, CHARLIE CHAPLIN, once said, “Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain” and  “A day without laughter is a day wasted”.

Laughter is good medicine. All over the world, it is the one cheapest and enjoyable therapy. You know it is a saying that, laughter is only the universal language that has a power to unite humanity.

Laughter is something that makes you feel good, it is so important tool in our life. It helps you to improve your haleness, mental health and well-being daily.

Laughter not only helps you to heal your soul but your body also, but the fact is it doesn’t heal or solve your problem, it help you to stay calm and deal with your problems

Laughter is not just a physical reactions in humans, it’s the reflection of their heart. That’s why its a saying , ‘a person who carry pretty and big smile, has good and big heart’.

Laughter is something that can change the world positively and peacefully. It helps you to amplify your immune system, release you stress and your physical tension.

It can change the world in peaceful and positive way.

So it’s not just a phrase that “Laughter is a good medicine”.


History of World Laughter Day!!


Laughter day is celebrated world wide, it is now an annual event. Laughter Day  was established in 1998 but the first celebration in India took place in Mumbai on 28 July 2008 by Dr. Madan Kataria. He was the founder of world wide Laughter Yoga movement.

With Dr. Madan Kataria’s laughter yoga movement popularity, there are thousand of laughter clubs in more then 105 countries across the world.

On first laughter day celebration there were around 12000 members who take part in this big event.

First laughter day celebration in india took place  in Mumbai on 11th of January 1998 on july 28 2008 with around 12000 members of laughter club.

The first World Laughter day gathering outside the India was held in Copenhagen. Denmark on 9th January 2000 in Town Hall Square with more than 10000 people and was named “HAPPY-DEMIC”.

This event went to Guinness Book of World record.

The main purpose of world laughter day is to spread awareness about laughter and how its helps to boost everyone’s immune system and heal your mental health. The thousand of laughter groups around the world gather on this day and promote laughter and its benefits.

Now World Laughter Day is celebrated in almost every large cities across the world. In 2005 it was first celebrated Los Angeles. On this day thousand of people gather to laugh together and forget about their worries together.


Now world laughter day is celebrated on first sunday of May every year.


How is world laughter day is celebrated?

There is no specific way to celebrate world laughter day, but people around the world gather and go to laughter clubs together. Many people just sit and watch laughter shows with their loved once.

Many people gather in parks and perform laughter yoga. Some people share funny pictures, videos and jokes on social media with caption or hashtags, ‘world laughter day’. Many comedians do shows or share their funny videos over internet just to make people laugh.

Laughter just not unite nations or humanity it also keep your family together. Some people sit with their family and start making jokes or start talking about funny memories that make everyone laugh and help you release your tension and stress.

Old people (generations) gather in park or any open area in morning and make a sound ho ‘HAA HAA HAA HAAA’ for around 10 to 15 minutes just to spread awareness that Laughter is a good medicine

Benefits of laughter


As everyone knows laughter is good medicine, so do you still need an explanation.  It is one of the best and cheapest therapy. Laughter even help to connect us with people.


Laughter help us to release endorphins. Who don’t know what are endorphins are, endorphins are the natural painkillers (feel good chemical) of body which release when we laugh. And when they release our body get relaxed and we feel happy and kind of light.


Laughter helps you to improve your heart’s health and lowers your blood pleasure. It will get your heart pumping and lower your blood pressure that will lower your chance of getting a heart attack.

Laughter help you to reduce your stress level. It help you to reduce and cut down your anxiety that affects your brain and body very much. Reduction of stress and anxiety boosts your immune system.


Laughter is a good cardio workout for everyone who is not able to do the workout. According to a study 10 to 15 minutes of laughter can burn around 40 calories. When you laugh the muscles of your stomach expand and contract and this help you with your abs.

Laughter boosts your t-cells that are your immune cells.  So when you laugh your T-cells get a boost up, and these cells even help you to fight with sickness.

Laughing is a good, natural, and easy exercise.

It helps you to decrease your pain and make you relax.

It may help you live longer so give a try.

Laughter increases blood oxygenation.

Laughter helps you to build strong relationship.

It improves your memory and helps you to be more creative.

Laughter release pain.

So what do think Laughter is a good medicine or not. Because from all these benifits and studies it has been proven that laughter is good medicine and celebrating this 1 day for a feelings that helping us to be strong mentally and physically is worth it.

So next time if someone ask you about world laughter day or how laughter is good medicine you can probably shut their mouth with a smile.


Because a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.








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