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Music | Unknown History of Music

Music | Unknown History of Music



Once a famous poet, writer and composer, Friedrich Nietzsche said , ‘Without music, life would be a mistake’.

In technical and bookish language, ‘Music is a science or art ordering or arranging sound or tunes in a combination to produce a sound through 4 elements harmony, melody, timber and rhythm.

But music is not just a sound created by using some music elements or instrument. Music is an art, the art of arranging sound in a way that soothes your ears, makes you move, or make you calm, through the elements of harmony,rhythm, and melody.

Music is away, the art of expressing yourself, your feelings, and your emotions. Music is something that will always give you company in your alone time.

Without music, there will be no purpose for many things. For many people across the world, music is everything for them, for them life=music. Even for many people music is the only way of expressing themselves.

With help of music, you can express your love for someone, your anger, regret, sadness, if you are missing someone, you are proud of something, and many others. Music helps you to express all your feelings, even those which you are not able to express through words.



Music is like a dream, it gives soul to everyone’s universe, wings to heart and mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Music is life itself.

Do you know music has a full form? yes, it has…

Music stands for:

M- Mind

U- Uninterrupted

S- Soulful

I- Intriguing

C- Carava

History and some Unknown facts about music!!

Music may begin when our early ancestors start clapping their hands and create their own first rhythmic music, or it can that one of them must start hitting stones or sticks to create some kind of sound, we would never know. But from this, we get to know that music is quite old.

Humans started making music 35000 years ago.

Do you know the first recovered piece of recorded music was found in 800 BCE abd i was written in cuneiform and was a religious hymn. Hurrian Hymn No. 6 is considered the world’s earliest melody.

Do you know according to one popular story from the Middle Ages music was first invented by Greek Philosopher Pythagoras. And Johann Sebastian Bach known as the father of music, he continued his musical formation in Luneburg.

The great legendary king, Jamshid is credited as the person who started music in the world.

In India Madurai, Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi was the first Indian Carnatic from Madurai, Tamil Nadu and she was the first musician who was awarded by Bharat Ratna.

Neanderthal flute is the first and oldest musical instrument which is 60000 years old, and was dicovered in Divje Babe cave near Cernko .

Do you know Michael Joseph Jackson is the king of music in the world and in India the king of Indian music was Bhimsen Joshi.

During the 16th century, Tansen was the first person who started music in India. He studied music and introduced musical innovations for about first 60 years of his life.

The first song (music) in India was recorded by Gauhar Jaan in 1902.


Importance of Music

There are many things in music, the person who listens to music gets attracted towards it. Music has a power that helps the listeners to lift their mood, make them calm and relaxed, and make them excited.

Plato the founder of Western political philosophy once said that music is a more potent instrument than any other for education.

Music is something that refreshes people’s brains and relaxes them, it’s like listening to their favourite song when they are tired and sad.

Music help the person to release their pain and stress and even help you with your memory. Music is a language of emotions that help us to express.

As we all know every country has their own language, but there is only one language that is universal and that unites us is the language of music. Because for expressing something we don’t need words we need music. Its like dancing or grooving on music even if we don’t understand the language.

It is kind of a physical exercise or we can say a kind of sport. For example, when you sing you use whole power to sing, like playing any instrument like flute it needs the energy to play.

Music is an art that affects the growth of a child’s brain.

Music helps you keep focus like if you are meditating you play soft music in the background that help you keep focus little better. Like in Gym, while doing exercise people play motivating music that make them energetic. Music helps you to change the environment and helps you to keep focus.

Music increase your imagination, for example listening to the music of water make you feel you are sitting near a waterfall or a river and you will start imagining. While listening to music many people instantly has a vision in their head and they start imagining. It increases your creativity.

Music is really good for everyone’s memory. You can easily learn things when the words have rhythm in it. For example when you listen to a song a couple of times the lyrics got stuck in your head.


Music helps you to improve your mental health. As we all know music is one of the best therapy for depression, schizophrenia and trauma, as it help you to release your emotions, that have been locked inside your heart. Music brings you great joy and calmness.

Music is an art that helps you to release your emotions. We have seen many people cry after listening a sad or romantic song because they are able to connect themselves with music.

It helps you to connects with the people around you, its just finding someone who have same taste in music as you.


Why everyone needs music in their life?


Music is a friend.

Music is an inspiration.

Music is a therapist.

Music is freedom.

Music connects you from the world.

Music helps you to escape you from the real world.

Music is a way of expressing yourself.

Music calms your mood.

Music speaks louder than words.

The only truth is music.

Music is like dream.

Music is an art of sound in the movement of time – Ferruccio Busoni

Music is an art which is most nigh to tears and memory- Oscar Wilde


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