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This is Why IPL is Happening in a Pandemic

This is Why IPL is Happening in a Pandemic


Each and every person in India is very well aware of the significant worsening of the situation of the COVID 19 pandemic in India, still, one of the most happening events in the country in the current scenario is the INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE (IPL) 2021. Cricket enthusiasts from all across the globe are elated about the whole journey ahead as the authorities released the schedule for the tournament.

The expected stadiums to host the matches of IPL 2021 are the leading stadiums of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. It was quite surprising to see that despite the fact that COVID 19 positive cases have been on the rise in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mumbai’s name is also there in the list of venues. A good number of people are in favor of the fact that conducting these matches during such situations may worsen the conditions as it could lead to a surge in cases. In this regard, the authorities have stated that ICC has been actively monitoring the changing conditions in the city.

They also added that if the situation didn’t come under control by April, changes in the tournament will be made accordingly. Various players, support staff, and 36 other associated people have been tested positive for COVID 19 even though they were placed in biosecure bubbles and all the necessary precautions were taken, which has provoked many people and the critics to highly criticize the Board’s decision to hold matches in Mumbai.

Despite all these adversities, the 14th Edition of the tournament has returned onto the screens on 9th April. IPL has made a comeback to Indian soil after 2 years as the previous Edition was entirely staged in UAE due to the pandemic atmosphere in India which didn’t permit the hosting.




Doesn’t matter how worse the situations are, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is all armed with the experience of tackling the threat. The IPL franchises, for the first time ever, will be devoid of their home advantage. The fact that many associated persons have been found COVID positive, has prompted BCCI to take stricter actions because this year there is much more at stake. Reports state that India is also scheduled to host T20 World Cup later in the year. Anxious fans have already taken over social media to show their excitement level. People are talking about it like crazy neglecting the high-risk COVID situations.

On the other side, there’s a special type of nervousness too, that is going on with some of the Cricket lovers as the second wave of the deadly virus has arisen. They are losing it with each day that is passing by, thinking if the government would cancel the IPL 2021. Situations seemed a bit tense, hence the Cricket lovers took to their social handles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to make reactions and memes on the same in large numbers. Users wrote, “IPL cancel mat Karna please”, “Hope IPL 2021 doesn’t get canceled”. Till now there is no news regarding the postponement as far as IPL is concerned.

The Vice President of BCCI, Rajeev Shukla said to ANI that in his opinion the only solution to cope up with the rise in coronavirus is to get vaccinated. No one can give a deadline or can state that by this time frame, the coronavirus is going to end so that the players can easily play. Nobody knows when it’s going to end so we will have to think over that and the SHOW MUST GO ON. Players should get vaccinated too.

The teams have got permission to practice inside the grounds after 8p.m and free movement is also allowed from the ground to their respective hotels after the said time. Also, the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Mr. Sourav Ganguly quoted that our Indian players seem to cope better with the pandemic stress as compared to the foreign stars and he expects that the disruption will ease up once the tournament starts.

He said that when IPL was held last year in the United Arab Emirates, COVID 19 cases were found there too but everything went fine once the tournament started. This 14th Edition of the Indian Premier League which will be played behind closed doors and in six different venues in India is scheduled to be held between April 9 and May 30. As per the sources associated with the IPL organizing committee, all the matches at the Wankhade Stadium would be held as per the schedule taking necessary precautions. The Wankhade Stadium will be hosting 10 IPL games this season.

As per the current situations, Maharashtra is the worst-hit state therefore it is true that organizing the whole event and holding the IPL matches in Mumbai is going to be tough for organizers but the thing is, moving out of the state is also not the solution because no Indian state or city is corona- free in the current scenario. Also, the movement of all the players and staff are being strictly monitored as IPL 2021 is going ahead without any spectators in the stadiums. So, Mumbai is completely set to host all the matches with all the appropriate restrictions and hence is being considered to be the best bet for the current IPL matches.

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