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Women Empowerment | 21’st Century of Women

Women Empowerment | 21’st Century of Women



Women Empowerment

It is not just a Government responsibility but a social responsibility and each one’s participation  and role counts. Whenever I have read and heard about Women Empowerment, it has always been about conducting workshops for women to make them aware about their rights, motivate them and improve their skills and especially, encourage them to become financially independent.

But I have never ever heard of or ever seen any workshop being conducted for men, who are at first instance, considered as obstacles to women Empowerment but they are in fact, the best facilitating sources of empowering women.

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How many workshops/awareness programme have actually been conducted for families as a whole to become supporting and empowering lifelines for their women and raise empowered women. When a child is born girl or a boy, it doesn’t know what kind of a world it is going to enter, how it would be brought up, what roles would be assigned to it as an individual.

A child’s journey in this world begins from his parents or guardians who introduce him to this world and define his roles and rights at the initial stage and this initial upbringing somewhere shapes him and plays an important role in shaping his confidence and feeling of self­worth for the rest of his life.

Women Empowerment actually begins from this stage, especially, when its the girl child. A boy child is by default assumed as an empowered one with regard to his rights and roles. But a girl child may be unfortunate many a times, in fact, most of the times. And here is when arises the need to educate the new parents. It becomes necessary to educate the men and enlighten their mentality so that their wife is empowered.

WomenEmpowerment doesn’t have to be seen only in terms of financial independence in form of a working woman. Why do we not talk about empowering housewives. Not every woman wants to go out and work and earn on her own choice. Why not create environment where a woman is able to live life on her own choice and has ample opportunities if she wishes to work and is treated equally everywhere, be  She working or housewife.

And for this, it is a must that the family members and especially the husband/guardians need to be made aware of their responsibilities of providing a favorable environment of love, care, respect, appreciation, education, equal role in decision-making and not imposing typical gender roles on the women of their household and together they bring up an empowered child in the family. It is not only restricted to empowering the girl child but also empowering the boy child regarding his role so that in future he becomes the source of women empowerment towards his wife and children.

Also, an empowered woman’s role is not only restricted to just empowering her ownself  but she should also work towards empowering and uplifting other women. How many women actually help and uplift their colleagues and subordinates at work places ? How many women have actually supported their relations and colleagues in their fights

for a cause?

In domestic life, it is usually seen in many households where a mother-in-law is herself so empowered that she is actually respected so sincerely that the family members don’t dare to utter a word before her. But most of such women suppress their daughter-in-law. Sometimes, such women accept their daughters being self-reliant and independent but  will not be willing to accept their daughter­ in­ law being treated equally or becoming independent. And sometimes, these women empowerment even restrict their own daughters too regarding education and achieving self reliance and independence.

Instead of conducting workshops and awareness programmes just for individual women, there is an urgent need to conduct awareness programmes for new parents and families as a whole To educate a girl Child .

It is also needed to make aware not just the under­privileged/ under­educated/unaware women but also educated couples and families and in fact, the society as a whole. Just being educated and earning money is not an indicator of Women empowerment. I really wonder how much the educated class of today have actually empowered their women in real sense .

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