How to Keep Our Environment Healthy – Try to do Something Special on World Environment Day 2021

How to Keep Our Environment Healthy – Try to do Something Special on World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day is celebrated with a different and special theme every year. “Ecosystem Restoration” is the theme for this year’s World Environment Day 2021. This theme emphasizes the need of rehabilitating our environment and restoring our ecosystem to its initial state.

United Nations founded World Environment Day as the key tool for raising global awareness about how environmental challenges. The United Nations General Assembly declared 5th June as World Environment Day in 1972, and it is celebrated every year on the 5th of June. The United Nations’ main goal in declaring World Environment Day was to put a human face on environmental issues, empower people to be agents of sustainable and equitable development, encourage people to change their attitudes toward the environment, understand how to keep our environment healthy and advocate for collaborations between people and societies to ensure a secure future.


Why Is It Important to Keep Our Environment Healthy and Clean?

  • Human survival is dependent on the environment around us. People who are careless with the environment just do not understand how important it is to all of us, even if it does not directly affect them. A healthy lifestyle demands a clean environment. If you don’t care about your environment, it will become increasingly polluted with chemicals and pollutants that are damaging our health. Air pollution can cause a variety of problems and diseases, including respiratory diseases and cancer. Typhoid, diarrheal infections and other chronic conditions can all be caused by the consumption of polluted water.


  • Biodiversity is essential. The diversity of plants, animals, and other living things in our world is referred to as biodiversity. Habitat loss and degradation caused by human activity, climate change, and pollution, among other factors, can have a negative impact. Take a pledge to keep our environment healthy on this World Environment Day 2021.


  • We must do more to address climate change for the benefit of our children and future generations. True, no single act can establish a pattern. It is no longer possible to ignore this. Earth is warming.

8 Ways to Keep Our Environment Healthy on World Environment Day 2021 –

Plant More Trees:

Green living zones are crucial in our cities and suburbs. Trees are the main source of pure oxygen and have been decimated by industrialization and suburban sprawl. They’re also attractive and contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem. By planting a tree today, you help to ensure that our children have access to green space and pure oxygen. The same may be said for using native plants in landscaping. They are not only low-maintenance, but they also preserve water, reduce pollution, and benefit local wildlife. You can donate a tree if you don’t have your own lawn.

World Environment Day 2021

Reduce Usage of Chemicals & Properly Dispose of Waste:

Choose reusable, washable flatware instead of disposable items such as plastic plates, forks, and cups. Find a second set at Goodwill. It makes no difference if they match. Bring your reusable travel cup to the coffee shop if you’re a coffee addict on the run. You limit the amount of waste you throw away by doing this simple, easy gesture, and your coffee stays hot in the meantime. Many industries publicly dispose of oil, paint, ammonia, and other chemicals. As these compounds are absorbed into the groundwater, it causes a hazard to water and air.

World Environment Day 2021

Limit the Use of Electrical Equipment:

Reducing your energy consumption will help to keep our environment healthy. Less power will result in a low electricity bill, which will save you money. It also lowers your CO2 emissions and minimizes your reliance on the power grid. Shutting off all bulbs and equipment when not in use is one of the simplest ways to save energy and keep our environment healthy. Furthermore, instead of hot water, you can wash your garments in a washing machine with warm and cold water.

World Environment Day 2021

Water Conservation:

As industries dump waste into our water supplies, our exposure to new, clean drinking water decreases. Flowing toilets, long baths, and turning on a half-full dishwasher are all examples of water waste. We should explore collecting rainwater and using it to water plants, clean vehicles, and other things.

World Environment Day 2021

Paperless Work:

While printing, use recyclable paper and print double-sided if possible. You can also go a step further by keeping track of your thoughts in a paperless journal. Notebooks are frequently discarded, and organizing the documents to find what you need might be challenging. A reusable notepad is used by many people. It has the design of an ordinary journal but is an eco-friendly alternative.

World Environment Day 2021

Recycle Waste Materials:

Many people are aware of the concept of sustainability, but not everyone understands how it affects the environment. The products which were destroyed earlier can be recycled to create a new product that can be used again. Putting the right things in the recycling bin has a great impact on the environment. Bottles, plastics, aluminium, and paper can all be recycled instead of being thrown away in the trash. This will decrease the potential air pollution that would have happened if these materials had been burned. There are numerous practical ways to use various materials while also protecting the environment.

World Environment Day 2021

Preserve Healthy Ecosystem:

For a healthy environment, an ecosystem requires appropriate interaction with green plants, creatures, and animals. These three works together to keep the environment healthy and living for many years. The entire ecosystem is presently getting harmed as a result of excessive air pollution and global warming. You can certainly help to protect the entire world and ecosystem in a better way by making a small change in your daily routine.

World Environment Day 2021

Grow Food Locally:

Planting food locally reduces the amount of food that has to be transported commercially. This is due to the fact that it eliminates the need for pesticides and preservatives to keep them safe. These preservatives harm the air directly. Organic food is also more sustainable than preserved foods, according to scientific proof. This is due to the fact that it eliminates the need for dangerous pesticides and chemicals.

World Environment Day 2021


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