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World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated every year on 28 July. In the present scenario, various species of fauna, natural sources, and vegetation are becoming extinct. Have you ever ponder what are the reasons behind all this? Increasing population, increasing pollution, deteriorating environment, exploitation of nature and environment… are all such reasons, due to which life on earth is being threatened, natural disasters are increasing.

On this day a pledge is taken to protect the endangered species and flora. We often see that many types of campaigns are also run for the conservation of nature like planting is done somewhere and measures like saving water are taken somewhere.

But all this is rarely seen personally. When we take so much from nature, it’s our duty to do something for its conservation. You too can do a lot respecting nature on a personal level in many ways.

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated every year to create awareness about the responsibilities and responsibilities towards nature. Now you will think about what you can do respecting nature conservation. 

The nature that has changed its form in the last few years is really astonishing. The heat, which is constantly taking a formidable and horrific shape, the shrinking water sources are writing the story of new destruction. Pollution, the deteriorating environment, the ozone shield being pierced by contaminated gases, the excessive exploitation of nature and the environment- all these are the biggest threats to the earth and the people of the earth.

Keeping in view the extinct trees and plants and different breeds of animals, this day is celebrated every year. In the old times, where there was a wonderful view of nature, in today’s era, they are becoming extinct. But even today there are many such places left on earth, where nature is seen spreading its beauty differently.

All organisms in the environment have their own physical and chemical existence. They are self-controlled and automatic, yet they depend on the environment around them. All the factors present around the living beings which affect them, create nature or the environment.

A man comes in contact with nature from birth. Conservation of resources has a foremost role in preserving the nature of the earth. Balance can be established in the natural beauty of the earth by the conservation of various components of nature – water, air, soil, energy, vegetation, minerals, fauna, etc.



You know the history of World Nature Conservation Day is not known. But it has only one purpose: to gather on 28th July and work for the protection of nature. Every year a different theme is decided by organizations and environmentalists, but due to the Corona crisis this year, the theme of this day has not been fixed. However, despite the Corona crisis, the importance of practicing to protect natural resources remains.

On World Nature Conservation day people promise to support nature and preserve it. 

Actually, due to natural imbalance, we are facing many problems in today’s time. Among them are global warming, various diseases, natural disasters, increased temperature, etc.

If nature is not protected then no one can save the earth from destruction. Its side effects are just beginning to appear. If there is a drought in any part of the country and the world, then the people there are dying due to drought. On the other hand, somewhere the rain has created an orgy. All this is happening due to natural imbalance.


Environmental preservation is firmly related to the life of all living beings and all the natural encircling of this earth. The whole earth is getting polluted due to pollution and the end of human civilization is visible shortly. In 1992 keeping this situation in mind, the ‘Earth Conference’ of 174 countries of the world was organized in Brazil.

After this, by organizing the Earth Conference in Johannesburg in 2002, many measures were suggested to all the countries of the world to pay attention to environmental protection. In fact, only by preserving the environment can live on earth be protected.


Importance of World Nature Conservation Day



Celebration of World Nature Conservation Day was started to create awareness among the people of the world about the protection of natural resources. Who is not aware of the fact that the richest countries in the world have been those where water, forests, and land are in sufficient quantity. Nature will survive, only then life will survive.

Various, strange, and unique species of wildlife are found in our country. In such a situation, the purpose of World Nature Conservation Day is to take necessary steps for the conservation of nature. Due to imbalance in nature, we have to face many such terrible calamities. It is not in our control to overcome them.

Problems like global warming, epidemics, disasters, uncontrolled rise in temperature, etc. arise only due to imbalance in nature. Several earthquakes have also occurred in the last few days and there is a possibility of more coming. We can conserve nature with small efforts.


Humans should make these efforts to conserve nature-


On World Nature Conservation Day every person needs to take a pledge to protect the environment. We can preserve and protect this beautiful earth of ours only by taking a resolution. Only then can life flourish on this earth. You can take the following efforts and resolutions to protect the environment:-


  • Indiscriminate cutting of forests should not be done.
  • Use water according to the need, do not let too much water go to waste.
  • Make arrangements to store rainwater.
  • Do not cause water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution. Limit noise pollution.
  • Stop using plastic, polythene used in our daily life and use paper, jute, or cloth bags.
  • Smartphones have changed us the most in the last few years. In this modern era, paying all the bills online will save a lot of paper.
  • The use of cars and vehicles should be limited.
  • Walk more and cycle more.
  • Reduce the use of plastic.
  • Do not use the electricity used in the house unnecessarily.
  • Do not use water unnecessarily.
  • Use paper sparingly. For this, you can use digital resources.
  • Walk more and cycle more.
  • Plant more and more trees.
  • Resist indiscriminate felling of mountains and trees.


If we take this pledge together on World Nature Conservation Day, then surely we will be able to keep our beautiful earth and nature safe and protected. And the creatures living on this earth will be able to save the animals and natural resources.



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