Have Faith That You Can Change Everything 

Have Faith That You Can Change Everything 

College is where you go if you want to learn something new. You must bathe in your own existential if you want to think about life and make a difference in the lives of others.  You Should Have Faith That You Can Change Everything.

The concept of reality is a fabrication. It’s all a lie. Wife, husband, father, son, nephew, and boyfriend are just a few of the roles that people play in their lives. Why are there so many labels? All was a fabrication. You have been given all cultural structures. You were born to parents who were not chosen for you. You didn’t want to grow up in a low-income family. You didn’t choose your country. You weren’t in charge at the moment.


If you feeling currently unsettled right now – if you are not feeling at home in the world. You are sticking to your cultural constructions. You now have the opportunity to reinvent yourself from the ground up. It always happens to me also I always use to think that why I am in this world for what purpose I shouldn’t be in this world but somewhere I also have faith that someday I do something. There’s just one way to do it – and that is to have faith that you can change.

Have Faith That You Can Change Everything 

To be alive, you must first break free from self-tranquilized behavior. While the word ‘tranquilized’ may make you feel subdued, this is not correct. You’re relieving yourself of the monotony of everyday life.


You may seem to be very busy from the outside. However, it is passing you by as you flutter through life. You’re wasting moments of your life. Binge-watching TV, working too many hours, and obsessing about the news cycle are all contributing to insanity. Tweets, Facebook posts, and other social media posts, for example. All have to come to a halt or at least slow down.


We’re nothing but ashes. On a rock hurtling through space, I was born. You must, however, make decisions and accept responsibility for those decisions. You can not always make the best decisions. You’ve probably already blown it. You didn’t get your dream job. You’ve been fired. You said a lot of things. You didn’t do nearly enough. Your business was failed. When you were younger, you promised yourself that you would have done such things by now. You….you….you…you…get the idea.


So, what’s next? From shame and remorse to love, the intention is to get there. Be worried about the well-being of your fellow human beings.


When you’re in need of assistance, go out of your way to assist someone else. Be supportive when you’re in need of it. Give freely when you need attention. Reach out when you’re feeling lonely. Encourage someone when you can’t take it any longer. Listen when you want to be understood. Try to understand when you’re angry.

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Then, after you’ve turned the corner and altered your perspective. Press the Reboot button and accept the fact that you might die today. Certainly not even in the far future. I’m talking about today. Or tomorrow, or this week. Allow that to sink in.

It’s possible that you’ll die today.

Remind yourself of this unavoidable truth on a regular basis.

I keep this skull in my study. A coin with the words “Memento Mori” has been put in the eye socket. Some might find it morbid. It serves as a reminder to me of death’s inevitability. I believe in the Stoic philosophy, which challenges my mind to go to dark places in order to understand the light in my life. Every morning when I sit down at my desk, I see it.

“You could quit life right now,” reads the back of the coin. I take a step forward. Right now, I should walk away from life. Now is the time. I put myself to the test. What would my attitude be today? Right now, I should walk away from life. I’m not sure how long I can hug my loved ones.

Hug them as if I might leave this world right now because this is the last hug they’ll ever get from me. Can I confess my feelings for my friends? Yes, because I am currently in a position where I might end my life. If you knew you were going to die right now, how would you talk to your partner, family, friends, and children today?

Avoid escaping death and living in your structures. Acknowledge it by staring it down. Even embrace it. I can’t tell you how to make your life meaningful. You must become your own light’s seeker. However, your time is almost up. It’s possible that your life flame will go out tomorrow. What will you do with your present?

Only when you arrive at the knowing can your life appear to be a joyful adventure free of remorse and regret.


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