कभी तन्हाईयों की सहेली है

कभी तन्हाईयों की सहेली है,
कभी टूटे ख़ाबों की हवेली है,
कभी बहते दरिया सी शांत है,
कभी इश्क़ में डूबी अलबेली है,
ये रात अनसुलझी इक पहेली है।
सितारों के लिबास में सजी हुई,
जैसे कोई दुल्हन नयी नवेली है,
न जाने कितनी दफा इसने,
मेरे संग आँखमिचौली खेली है,
ये रात अनसुलझी इक पहेली है।
कभी तन्हाईयों की सहेली है,
अधूरी ख्वाहिशों का ये खंडर है
मजबूरी के हालातों का समंदर है
कितना दर्द छिपाए अपने अंदर है
फिर भी कैसे मुस्कुराती अकेली है
ये रात अनसुलझी इक पहेली है।

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Mohit Chauhan

A 32-year-old differently-abled poet and writer Mohit Chauhan is born and brought up in New Delhi. He is a man of such spirit and determination that inspires anyone. He is born with an incurable and fatal disease called "Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy". It is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness due to the alterations of a protein called dystrophin that helps keep muscle cells intact. There are many types of muscular dystrophy but it is the most severe one. It was a very painful and heartbreaking moment for Mohit's parents when they were told by the doctors that he would not be able to survive for more than 12 years but Mohit proved them all wrong. Instead, he moved on to live his life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of his life. The support of his family has been of prime importance in his journey. Despite being a patient of this disease and having been bedridden for the past 32 years nothing could ever devour his grit and determination to pen down his thoughts that's when he embarked on a journey of becoming a poet, which was about 3 years ago when a girl came in his life. He carved out his thoughts and feelings in the form of a book titled "Parwaaz - Ek Zakhmi Panchi Ki". The distinguishing feature here is that Mohit wrote every word of his book on a mobile phone as the disease has impacted his limbs to such an extent that they hardly showcase any locomotive function. Some people say that he has been very successful in creating a normal life and routine for himself. However, we truly believe that his thoughts and his way of leading his life are much different than normal. It’s extraordinary!. Only some possess the courage to create such a fortune for themselves while most often bend down before what destiny creates for them. The way he has been leading his life truly makes us believe and once again reiterate that whatever the mind can perceive and believe it can achieve. Mohit's message to everyone around him is that if anybody tries to bring down your morale or confidence, don't get affected by it. Rather works towards your betterment and development because : Gaaliyon ka shor ek din taaliyon mein badlega Tere houslon ke aage pathar kya parvat bhi Pighlega Mann apne tu ye dridh vishwaas rakh Dil mein tu apne thodi aas rakh

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