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Lockdown in Telangana

Lockdown in Telangana has been imposed by the Telangana Cabinet from 10.a.m on 12th May 2021 till 6 a.m. on 22nd May 2021 to contain the constantly increasing spread of Corona Virus. It has been informed that the lockdown in Telangana will be for 20 hours per day for 10 days while it is said that the relaxations will be allowed between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.

 The lockdown will be reviewed by the cabinet on 20th May 2021. Businesses that are allowed to be open during the restricted timings include the petrol pumps in places other than the highways, weddings that have already been planned with a maximum of 40 attendees only, and funerals can be held with 20 people only. As the High Court was to hear the matter, soon after the cabinet meeting began, the decision was made and announced within minutes.

Due to the lack of effectiveness to check the Corona Virus spread in the state, the high court voiced its unhappiness and had pulled up the authorities for failing to strictly impose or enforce the night curfew.

While announcing the lockdown in Telangana, it has been decided that all the agricultural activities will be exempted for the lockdown period and the procurement of paddy in the interest of farmers will be continued as the sources informed about the decision of the cabinet of Telangana.

It has also been announced informed that all the Government offices will be functioning with only 33 percent of the staff in attendance. The Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has taken some key decisions to invite global tenders during the Lockdown in Telangana so that they can procure the Corona Virus vaccines on a war footing. Also as informed by the sources, it has been said that Rao has spoken to the manufacturers of Remdesivir injections and sought the supply of the required quantities of injections to the state. 

A dedicated Task Force has been formed and approved by the Chief Minister Rao during the meeting, which is to be led by the IT and Industries Minister. This Taskforce will be ensuring the regular procurement and the proper supply of required quantities of medicines and injections during the Telangana Lockdown. It is being informed that this particular Task Force comprises of the senior officials on duty, named Jayesh Ranjan, Vikas Raj, Sandeep Sultania, and a special officer from the CMO Rajashekhar Reddy.

It has been strictly instructed to ensure the availability of required amounts of oxygen, emergency medicines for the Government-run as well as the private hospitals. Chief secretary Somesh Kumar will be accountable for this task.

The sources inform that different committees have been formed with the ministers being the chairpersons in all the districts and the district collectors, district medical officers, and health officers and drug inspectors will be reviewing the daily analysis of the COVID situation during the Lockdown in Telangana and after that too.

Lockdown in Telangana
Stricter Measures to be taken.

Rules Regarding the Lockdown in Telangana: What is allowed and what is not?

Here are the rules and guidelines to be followed during the Telangana Lockdown.

Permitted Activities and Prohibited activities during Telangana Lockdown

These are the activities that have been exempted from lockdown restrictions but in compliance to appropriate COVID behavior like social distancing, wearing a face mask, and other necessary precautions.

  • All medical services like hospitals, diagnostic centers, vaccination, and related activities are exempted from restrictions.
  • During the Lockdown in Telangana, some of the agricultural activities and related operations are also permitted.
  • Cold storages and warehouses have permission to function.
  • Medical shops and pharmacies will be easily accessible during the prescribed period.
  • All the manufacturing activities related to the manufacturing of drugs and medical equipment are exempted.
  • All the procurement operations of agricultural and horticulture produce which include the operation of rice mills and the movement of produce are exempted.
  • The production activities, sale and supply activities of seeds, fertilizers. Pesticides/insecticides, agricultural implements, and spare parts and the movement associated with these items which include those of harvesters, transplanters, tractors, etc. shall be exempted from restrictions.
  • Productions and distribution of power supply, drinking water supply, and all the essential services are permitted.
  • All the sanitization activities and services in Gram Panchayats and Urban Local bodies and all the MNREGA works are exempted.
  • Banks/ATMs, insurance services, and related activities will be operational.
  • National Highway Petrol Pumps will be operational and the petrol pumps located on places other than National Highway will be operational in a specified period of 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. only.
  • All security services including those provided by private agencies are also exempted.
  • All the activities related to the movement and distribution of LPG cylinders.
  • Most public places like Cinema Halls, amusement parks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, clubs shall be completely closed.
Lock Down in Telangana
Telangana corona virus update. Lockdown imposed for 10 days.


Regarding Government activities

These are the following Department(s)/ Offices of the State Government that shall be fully functional:

  • Health, Medical, and Family Welfare Offices will be functional.
  • Police Department will be completely functional.
  • Urban Local Bodies / Panchayat Raj Institutions will be exempted.
  • Fire Department will be fully functional.
  • The electricity and water supply department will be operational.
  • Taxation, Excise, Commercial Tax, Transport, along with the societies and corporations will be operational.
  • Agriculture, Horticulture, and allied departments will be functional.
  • Civil Supplies department will be functional.
  • All staff and officers drafted for Covid-19 related activities will be completely operating.

About the Wages and Salaries 

  • The payments of wages/salaries shall be fully made by the government and private establishments to the workers/employees in which the people working under the contract and outsourcing basis during the above period is included and any violation regarding this will be taken up seriously and will invite penal action under relevant ACT(s).

Rules regarding Public Gatherings

  • Only 40 people will be allowed at marriages at maximum, also to only those marriages that have already been scheduled to happen during the period of lockdown and the attendees will have to ensure proper COVID behaviors including social distancing, wearing of face masks, and other COVID-19 related protocols.
  • All the funeral last rites gatherings shall ensure social distancing, wearing of face mask, and other Corona-related protocols, with the maximum number of persons, allowed not exceeding 20 during the lockdown in Telangana.
  • Religious places like places of worship will not be functional and shall be closed for public worship during the lockdown.
  • All Anganwadi Centres will be closed during Telangana lockdown and children and pregnant women / lactating mothers will be provided take-home ration during this period.
  • Medical assistance will be provided to all the women who are pregnant and who are expected to deliver during the lockdown period. They will be listed, monitored, and assisted and institutional delivery will be ensured.
  • In the lockdown in Telangana, suitable locations will be loaded with temporary police check posts so that strict compliance with the orders.



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