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You all must have heard or read about the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict as it is trending worldwide. The attacks on the holy place Al-Aqsa Mosque and increasing clashes among the Israelis and Palestinians served as the origin for the current escalations in the fight. The international community considers these harmful attacks on civilians and civilian structures illegal under international law. This Israel-Gaza strife is taking new turns, which is turning out to be a horrible nightmare for common people. Their current state is that they are more scared from the conflict than from the global pandemic.

As part of its 2005 disengagement plan, Israel continued to have exclusive control over Gaza’s airspace and territorial waters, it continued to monitor the external land perimeter of the Gaza Strip, with the exception of its southernmost border, and continued to monitor and block Gaza’s coastline.

It has been stated by the United Nations that it regards Gaza to be a part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories under the resolutions of both the General Assembly and Security Council. The tension between Israel-Gaza is rapidly increasing along with violence. More than 300 Palestinians are injured as reported.



Dozens of rockets had been launched from Gaza straight over Israel with heavy Israeli airstrikes in return as violence spiraled between Israelis and Palestinians. In a speech, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin said that militants in Gaza will pay a heavy price. A number of people have been killed in the current Israel-Gaza conflict, majorly consisting of civilians. Somewhere intercepted by Israel’s air defence system called Iron Dome. People ran for shelter as airway sirens sounded through the city. The Militant Palestinian group Hamas has reported that the rockets that were launched were in response to an earlier Israeli airstrike on a Gaza residential building.

Among the dead in another Israeli airstrike, an 11-year-old boy died. Across the Gazi strip, others gathered in mourns to search for their loved ones. Children aged 8 months have also been killed in the Israel-Gaza airstrikes. The Israel Defence Forces executed a hundred attacks on Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Gaza. The Israeli Government said that it is targeting Hamas members. Tensions are high in the city because of the potential eviction of 6 Palestinian families from their own homes. As the world battles Covid 19, Israel-Gaza is at war with each other once again.

Tensions in the region have always been high but this scale of escalation has not been seen in the last seven years. Israel says that it is not looking at a trouse till a total and long-term quiet is achieved which means chances of any de-escalation right now are very low. Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched dozens of rockets against targets in Israel with more than 600 fired so far. Undeterred by Israel’s crushing airstrikes in response invokes a partial retaliation.


Tensions have been building for weeks, a major flashpoint is protested over threatened evictions of Palestinian families in the shake to run neighborhood of east Jerusalem, and clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians and Israel’s third holiest site has brought it into a level of deadly violence in the region not seen in years.

The current Israel-Gaza conflict is the heaviest fighting in years and militarily it is one-sided. Israel’s precision airstrikes have destroyed the offices of Hamas leaders in Gaza and they have killed top Hamas commanders as reported. The fighting was sparked by the recent unrest of Jewish settlers trying to take over Arab-controlled neighborhoods, part of the decades-long dispute over the expansion of Israeli settlements.

Quite a little other than the fact that there is clear intensification in terms of Israel’s operation in and around the Gaza Strip there is a statement put out by the IDF that said “IDF air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip”, a very short one that lifts quite a room for interpretation and a lot of folks were understanding that Israeli soldiers, ground troops mainly had actually entered the Gaza Strip but it has been reported civilians and journalists that there is not any Israeli movement seen inside the Strip and neighborhoods.

Israeli soldiers can be seen but on the other side of the fence that separates the enclave from the Israeli territories. So, there is no independent confirmation of a ground incursion or invasion of Israeli troops inside the Gaza Strip. However, it is possible that this intensification of air raids, bombings coming both from land and sea could perhaps be used in order to pave the way for soldiers to eventually come in but time will of course tell us what the actual case is.

Is it right to wait until the weekend for an international response?

Asking the civilians on both sides of the Israel-Gaza conflict, in the enclave and on the Israeli side, the answer will automatically and quite legitimately be a big NO as hundreds of the people have been wounded in Gaza and there have been deaths on both sides, so no one can wait longer for peace to get restored.



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