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Winter hair problem 

This winter, don’t let the winter blues get to your hair, and learn everything about the most common winter hair issues and ways to handle them effectively.

Winter hair problem 
Winter hair problem

Winters offer important- demanded respite from the scorching summer heat and sticky showers. But you know who doesn’t always take well to downtime? Your mane. Still, but miserably failed, worry not, If you’ve tried everything under the sun to ensure your hair looks soft and smooth some downtime. We’ve got your reverse. Read on as we take you through five common downtime hair problems and how to deal with them effectively. Get ready to say hello to your stylish downtime hair yet

Winter hair problem 

  •  Hair static 
  •  Dandruff
  •  Split ends
  •  Limp hair

Hair static

How to get rid of static hair mobilehome

The drops in temperature and cold air give rise to this annoying downtime hair concern. The cold air ends up creating an electric charge in your hair, making it defy graveness and stand up around your head. This makes your hair appear a lot messier and is really delicate to term and manage annoying, right? Keeping your permanents moisturized is a stylish way to deal with hair static. Simply because doused hair is heavier in weight and won’t stand up as fluently as dry hair when static comes calling. 


5 simple remedies for dandruff treatment at home

The dead and dry skin figures- up on the crown caused due to the lack of moisture making your crown fall short. Over time, this figure-up starts to slip off, causing dandruff, itchiness, and crown perceptivity. piecemeal from indulging in a hot oil painting massage at least once a week, it’s essential to use an anti-dandruff soap and conditioner to treat dandruff while keeping the hair nourished.

 Split ends

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A major cause of split ends is blankness. When your ends come exorbitantly dry, it causes them to resolve in two. This makes your hair appear a lot further dead, damaged, and limp. Also, split ends can be really notorious, causing several other problems similar as breakage, and straw- suchlike texture. While the only way to deal with split ends is to cut them off, you can help them from appearing in the first place by using moisturizing hair care products. 

 Limp hair

What causes Limp Hair 2

The cold and sticky downtime rainfall can tire your hair of humidity, leaving it dry and dehydrated. This is the biggest reason why your hair looks so limp and straw- suchlike, piecemeal from appearing super dull and lackluster. Plus, if you wear a defensive downtime hat similar to woolen scarves and headdresses, it can further strip your hair of humidity.


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