Is insecure your partner? Know these 5 things

Is insecure your partner? Know these 5 things

A strong relationship with a partner can be your most beautiful feeling. In spite of everything being good in the relationship, sometimes there is insensitivity between the couple about some things. It is not always wrong to be insured, but the feeling of insecurity of excess starts spoiling the relationship. If your partner also does these five things then you need to pay attention.

Never leave you alone

Is your partner always with you? Is he afraid to leave you alone? If yes then these are definitely signs of insecurity. There may be such thoughts in their mind that you will start to pay less attention to them in the circle of meeting people. They do not leave you alone for fear of losing you. If so, then you need to make them feel that no one can take their place in your life and they are very special for you.

Always ask about your plan

The biggest sign of insecurity is that your partner tries to know everything about you, such as what you are about to do, where you are going, and going with someone or alone. To remove the feeling of insecurity from the partner’s mind, before you ask them, you tell them about your plan for the whole day.

Draw your attention again and again

Trying to get the partner’s attention is very common. But when you are busy with your work or family and still your partner does not understand this, then he is a victim of insecurity. It is important to have a good understanding of both of you here. Explain to your partner that work, family, and relationships are all three important for you.

Repeatedly putting Ex in the conversation

If your partner repeatedly talks about his Ex in the conversation, then there is definitely a feeling of insecurity in him. Your partner feels that by referring to Ex, they will be able to get more attention from you. Trust your partner yourself and explain that he does not need to mention his Ex.

Express your love again and again

Too much love also creates insecurity. It is possible that your partner expresses his love and wants to hear from you every time how much you want him. Explain to the partner that you realize their love and they should also trust you.

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