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Importance of sex education
Sex education is the activity of offering knowledge about sex & sexuality. It helps to gain the
information to make healthy decisions about sex & sexuality. it also includes teaching and learning about new things related to sex. sex education also helps to manage our sexual health.

What is sex:
Sex refers to all those activities that can excite you sexually. Sex is more than penetrative sex.
This also includes things like kissing, caressing, and oral sex.

Sex refers to all those activities that can excite you sexually.

Sex, masturbation, and pornography, these are some such topics that people know about but do
not accept which are very harmful to humans. In A country where the population is about to
reach 150 crore, it is still wrong to talk about sex in that country. teenagers, students keep
having a lot of curiosity, doubts, and questions in their minds. In this age, the body goes through
hormonal changes because of which these things seem new and exciting. If we talk about
pornography and adult films which are totally fake, but when teenagers and students see it they
make conclusions in their minds and believe that sex education is like this and they
compare themselves and start feeling complex. Pornography and adult films are an industry
and money-making model. When students and teenagers watch these types of movies
they feel complex so they buy the products they want to see that idealize come inside and
for that, they start paying. Sex education is important not only for teenagers and students but
also for adults. You should not get involved in this without complete knowledge. You may have
many side effects from it like unwanted pregnancy, std, HIV, and intimate health complications.
So before you get involved, think of the consequences. You should know that you can prevent
these issues. Use contraceptives, like condoms. You can use this, take an expert’s guide. These
things are very important so that unwanted circumstances do not arise. Proper family planning
can be done, and the country’s population will also be controlled. Hyping or supposing sexual activity
in society is both wrong. This knowledge is important for the girl child. The same goes for any
other gender too, not only male-female.

Benefits of SEX:
1) Everyone wants sex, it makes you look young.
2) it improves your brain function, clarity begins to come in thinking and improves memory.
3) improves sleep, it improves your nervous system and makes it smooth.
4) Sex works like an anxiolytic agent.
5) it improves your heart health.
6) Reduces the chances of getting prostate cancer.
7) Sex reduces your high blood pressure.
8) it has strong pelvic floor muscles. This is beneficial for women and helps them in pregnancy.
9) Sex boosts your immunity.
10) it creates your hormonal balance.
11) Boost your fertility.
12) fights colds and flu
13) Disease-proof your body
14) lengthens your life
15) Burn lots of calories
16) No more period cramps
17) Less risk of incontinence
18) Become more attractive
19) Get rid of stress
20) Eliminate pain

Sex refers to all those activities that can excite you sexually.

Sex facts:
1) peeing after sex, prevents you from urinary tract infection (UTI).
2) A woman’s breasts can swell up to 25% when she is turned on. This makes the breasts ultrasensitive & much larger than their original size.
3) Even though it is a very tiny percentage, some women can orgasm just through the stimulation of
breasts and nipples, known as nipplegasms.

Sex before marriage Right or wrong:
Basically, this is a human need that you can’t ignore, sex is a human need but no one can talk
about this topic. If you are a teenager and now you are not an adult or you are a minor then sex is illegal for you, and if you are an adult you should have knowledge of sex education so you
don’t get std, you don’t get pregnant so you should also have knowledge of these precautions.
Sex should be done only when your partner is trustworthy because you are going to be
physically with them and going to share private moments so you have to think about this before
having sex. If you are 25 plus, you are in a good position and earn well so you can take this
decision of your life yourself, it’s your choice.

Sex refers to all those activities that can excite you sexually. Sex is more than penetrative sex.
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