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It has a different meaning on the behalf of different persons. specially mentality matters what kind of person giving his/her point stand. Most people enjoy sex rather they think it in a different manner and have different points of view.


Relationship with passionate affection
  • In the first stage of life when we have feelings of sex in teenagers, youth used to do masturbate. Sex is a principal part of a happy life.
  • sex is a kind of feeling which is the same for everyone whether you are gay, straight, lesbian, and bisexual everyone needs to have a lovely moment of sex with their partner.
  • sex is not like to have intercourse with your partner and its not part of your life that its mandatory to do even if you don’t have that much feeling for it. It can add more ‘mirch-masala'(spices) to your life if you just observe the feeling of it.
  • Sex has many health benefits. It can help to feel happier, live a longer life, and healthier. It cuts your stress level. It also helps in lower blood pressure.
  • Sex also helps in decline the risk of a heart attack. And it works as a morning exercise to you while having sex early in the morning.
  • Having sex always helps to give strength to your Maintain a healthy sex life.
  • To maintain a satisfying sex life always discuss with your partner about the feeling and needs that you want during sex that makes is simple and easy to understand each other.
  • Sharing your thoughts with your partner will help you to become more comfortable. But be honest about what you experienced physically and emotionally.
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