Market Places To Visit 


Shopping is something that is loved by everyone. It is something one can never get bored of. It is always on the top list for many people. Shopping is something that gives you immense pleasure.

And if you live in Delhi you must know that Delhi is not just known for its food and culture but is also known for shopping. Delhi has one of the best shopping markets in India. Maybe shopping in malls is comfortable and easy but the best experience of shopping comes on the street of Delhi.

These markets have something for every person. These markets are full of clothes, shoes, handicrafts, spices, electronics, and many more. From street food to street shopping, Delhi will give you the best shopping experience like a treat.

If you are visiting Delhi you can’t ignore shopping. Shopping in Delhi’s best markets that have a vibrant atmosphere that will entertain you at every point, is a pleasure activity with a lot of fun for travelers.

These markets give you a wide variety from clothes to accessories, from updating your wardrobe to home decor products and many more. With your own limited budgets, preferences, and tastes these markets welcome everyone.


So if you want to update your wardrobe or decor your home or want something trendy or fashionable then these are the best shopping markets for you.


                                                                                Chandani Chowk

Chandani Chowk is one of the oldest and famous markets in Delhi living for years. It is located near Purani Delhi Railway Station. This whole one market has different markets where you can find anything. From best Delhi street food to all electronic gadgets, from cheap clothes to best high-end brands, from wedding cards to books, you can find anything from cheapest to highest rate.

These market have narrow roads call ‘Gali’ and each Gali has its own name and those gali’s are famous for some different variety like food, jewelry, books and stationery, home decors, wedding cards, medicines, fabric and suits, dried fruits, etc. It is most famous for wedding shopping.




Paharganj is Delhi’s oldest wholesale market which is overcrowded chaotic and known for its cafe and bars. You can find some of the best bargaining shops in the main market of Paharganj.

You can find clothes at wholesale rate and their price is way cheaper than other markets. It is a market where you can find beautiful accessories like jewelry, necklace, pendants, leather bands, and rings. You will also find beautiful handmade Jewelry and that makes it count in the best market in Delhi.


                                                                                         Sarojini Nagar

If you live in Delhi you must have listened to or visit this market at least once. This market is the dream market for everyone. It is a market for rejected clothes all over the world. You can find designer clothes at a very cheap price and still can do barging to an extent.

Here you can find all types of fashion accessories. The clothes you will find are the clothes that have been rejected from export because of minor defects or surplus quantity.



                                                                               Janpath Market


Janpath is one of the most popular markets in Delhi. It is also known as the Tibetan market because it has a wide vintage stock of Tibetan. It is located in City Hub, Connaught Place.

You can find all kinds of seasonal wear from summer t-shirts and skirts to winter jackets and socks at wholesale price. It is popular for its clothes price and footwear. You will also find ethnic clothes, beautiful paintings and artworks. If you know to bargain its definitely the market for you.

You can also try this market for Gujarati clothes.


Karol Bagh Market


If it’s your wedding or you are going to attend a wedding then this market is definitely for you. You can find everything from designer lehngas to indo-western not only for women but for men also.

It is not a cheap price market but it is quite vibrant and attractive because of its clothing section. This is the market which can fulfill all the needs on any kind of market. And if you are a person who loves shopping and food then you should definitely shop here.



Lajpat Nagar Market

Lajpat Nagar market is also known as the central market. It is one of the best markets for street shopping. It is a very good market for those who love traditional clothes. This market will give you the vibe of Indian Culture.

It is good for middle-class shoppers. This market is usually desired by females of all age groups. The most beautiful thing in the market is, that they have Mehandi stalls. This market will fulfill all your shopping needs if you are looking for something for females.



Palika Bazaar ( Market )

Palika Bazaar is an underground market that is fully air-conditioned in Connaught Place. This is the market who love video games. You will find awsome and huge gaming console, vast variety of electronic gadagets including cameras, phones and TV.

You can also find a good and fancy collection of clothes and footwear at very resonable price. If you want to go shopping but the hot weather is bothering you then you should definitely shop here.

If you are a gamer than definitely this is the market for you. Because you can find electronic gadgets at very good price.



Khan Market

Khan Market is one of Delhi’s high-class markets in South Delhi. It is one of the expensive markets. Khan market is the market that opens till 12 at night. This market also has an underground book store.

Apart from expensive clothes and all this market has some of the most famous stores in Delhi. Here you will find many branded stores, boutiques, and Ayurvedic medical stores. Here you will not be able to do bargain because the shoppers don’t make you do.

This is the market where you can find goods from all over India.


Dilli Haat Market 

Dilli Haat is market that will give you the perfect rustic village vibe. In this market you will find stall cottages which has thatched roof. This market will give you the perfect blend of Indian Culture. This is the perfect market where you can buy traditional handicrafts, different beads, gems, jewelry, and Madhubani paintings.

It is also a good market for food lovers, they can find food from across the nation. You can also find stuff related to poetry. This market is a must visiting market of Delhi. This market was the trump card by Delhi Government about decades ago and is also known as the ‘mastermind of government’.


Kamla Nagar Market

Kamla Nagar Market is one of the favorite hangout places for North Campus students of Delhi University, as it is situated in North Campus. It is a very decent market. Here you will find the least funky clothes and that trendy jewelry.

In this market, you will find awesome footwear to beautiful Kurtis and dresses at very affordable prices. Rather than those funky clothes here you will find the latest fashionable clothes. In this market, you can find some branded and expensive clothes to cool and cheapest price clothes only if you are lucky enough.

For those who are foodies, you will find some great options so you can enjoy shopping more.







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