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Importance of Shopping – Some Facts About Shopping

Importance of Shopping – Some Facts About Shopping

Shopping is not just buying new clothes it’s an emotion, it is happiness that gives you immense pleasure.  Shopping gives a calming influence on some people. After a busy or hectic day, shopping distracts most of the person from negative feelings.

Everyone should know the importance of shopping

If you are most of those who are crazy about shopping, then I know it definitely brings you unexplainable joy, pleasure, and excitement. Your gender or age doesn’t matter much here. Buying a new outfit or anything related to shopping will definitely make you happy. Indeed, shopping is magical and therapeutic!

Shopping actually causes your brain to release more serotonin, which is a chemical that makes you feel good, isn’t is an interesting fact studies have shown that! Many times, shopping is helpful for any individual, as shopping relieves stress and anxiety which can be useful. So if next time you are having a bad day, maybe you can seek a mood boost with a little shopping. 

Indeed studies show , money can buy happiness because if you are in a bad mood you can go shopping. It is generally a symbol of needs, opportunities, and desires in life. 

For many people, there is a certain kind of excitement when it comes to shopping. It might be clothing, books, homeware, technology or any other thing, the point is no matter what we are buying it’s just shopping that makes you happy, so the importance of shopping should be known to be everyone.

Shopping is a kind of therapy for some people according to the phrase ‘retail therapy’ now it makes sense because according to research, shopping can also soothe the feelings of sadness, and making shopping decisions can help strengthen a sense of personal control over our environment. 


importance of shopping


Some facts about shopping!!


Shopping is a therapy that has now been proven by science. You can actually ease the emotional pain by buying a few things you love. 

We love to label or call some people shopaholics who often buy things every now and then without having a specific agenda or requirement. You know shopping is a little bit beyond that simple practice of purchasing, it is not just about going and picking random things for purchase. 

It is proved that shopping does act as retail therapy for all and it was according to a survey which was taken on the behalf of by TNS Global. It showed that to uplift their mood, relieve stress, and in the process boosts confidence, half of the American population consciously surrendered to retail therapy.

Everyone should know the importance of shopping in their life.


1. Boost your confidence

Shopping is not an easy task, but finding a perfect pair of shoes or dress, or jewelry, a perfect shade of lipstick can make you entirely amazing.

You know your wardrobe is the extension of your inner self because when you get dressed, it unwittingly reflects your true self and one can find bits and pieces of you in there. Shopping reflects the way you how you treat yourself to be happy and your own personality.

Shopping is something that will give you big confidence and boost it and make you feel great about how you look.

You know more than half of the shoppers had bought something not because they were in need of that thing but have purchased to celebrate, to make another happy or to show care and affectations or just to please herself and it is revealed by  “Journal of Psychology and Marketing”.


importance of shopping



2. You are in more control

Nowadays everyone loves when things are in their control. They all like to be in charge again and again. For example, when you walk into a store, you are the one in control of the situation no matter what sector it is in or what it sells.

When you’re sad and you believe that your life is not in your control, But “the choices inherent in shopping may restore personal control over one’s environment and reduce residual sadness,” and it is according to a study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology done in 2014.

For example, you decide what you like, what store to go to, and whether you want to purchase it or not and you know you can feel that some sense of order has been restored by this small act. 

A happy feeling is something that comes when you “being in charge”.  Because sometimes in life, we feel as everything is spiraling out of control, and a day easily remind us that this is not the case and that we can make things right again is a day of retail therapy.


importance of shopping



3. Exercise

Shopping from one shop to the next while you carry heavy bags has been proven to be a good workout for the heart and body. Just imagine if someone told you to take a walk for like 30 minutes, what will be your reaction No, but you will not think once before walking pointless aquaplaning through all the stores in a mall.

 The risk of cardiovascular diseases and other related health issues reduce for the women who spend significant amounts of time shopping because of physical activity. According to a study the average person can lose up to 350 to 400 calories by walking from shop to shop carrying heavy bags. 

Moreover, it increases your lifespan. So shopping is really a very good exercise for your mind as well as for your body.


importance of shopping



4. Spend time with people you love

Shopping is something that makes us happy because we are buying things for the people we love or we are with buying them with them.  Shopping is just not buying or calming yourself but it is also a way of showing love which in return pleases you and makes you happy.

Shopping Is another way of saying that you care. When are go on shopping you love to invite your best friend, mom or sister along with you. And shopping with your favorite people can make you feel good and remind you what is important.

Nowadays everyone is busy in their daily lives  or you live many miles apart, so spending time with loved ones and friends have become difficult and a perfect excuse to get everyone together again and have some fun is a shopping trip

Spending time with important people in your life is great therapy. While shopping they will remind you of all the good in your life and tell you what is important and make you feel important and will help you to keep moving forward.


importance of shopping



5. Stress Reliever

Everyone’s life is full of stress in today’s era. Today everyone likes trying and having new things. It can be anything, a new look to your room or your wardrobe, and shopping for something new in life is always refreshing.

Day-to-day life can be extremely stressful. We can forget all the things that are causing us stress and worrying us and instead focus on the task at hand, while we are doing shopping.

The stress in your life will reduce automatically when you are not thinking about them, and this gives you a chance to heal. You will feel so much better and relax, it gives you a break from worrying, and then you will be able to more easily come up with answers to your many problems.

Tillinger Johansen said to Medical Daily, “Shopping can be good for our sense of belonging, affect our mood and relieve stress with and is good for social interaction”.  


importance of shopping


6. Live longer

According to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, the act of shopping can reduce the risk of death by 27%. 

The persons who shop daily had a 27 % risk of death than the least frequent shoppers study of 1,841 elderly Taiwanese people showed. The study even tells that is good for overall health, including physical and cognitive function. According to researchers’ theory shopping encompasses “several dimensions of personal well-being, health, and security as well as contributing to the community’s cohesiveness and economy.” but it is also a part of your thinking, which can be a strength that helps you live longer.


importance of shopping

7. Takes your mind off 

Shopping takes time and concentration whether it is being done online or in your favorite market. While shopping you only think about what you need what makes you “You”. You are focused on what you desire and not on the stress or problems in your life.

Shopping is associated with a sense of achievement.  You know the “feel good” chemicals in your brain are known as the heightened emotions of happiness that release endorphins.

And Endorphins are the ones that help you refocus your mind on your body movements, improving your overall mood.

Shopping just distracts you from your bad mood and lifts your mood and makes you feel good about yourself. This is the importance of shopping in everyone’s life. 


importance of shopping



You know there is nothing wrong with trying a new item that gives you a little boost but does it carefully do not let these things be the only way you can feel good about yourself. Yes, you look good in that outfit, but you are amazing every way!

Perfect just the way you are.



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