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Artificial intelligence(AI) & Machine learning (MI)

Artificial intelligence(AI) & Machine learning (MI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) & Machine learning (MI) these technology trends, such as artificial
intelligence are being used in a variety of industries to improve efficiency and decision- making.
Machine learning(MI): Machine learning is the part of AI, but they are different from each other,
targeting a specific thing in machine learning and by practicing it the machine improves its
performance. For example you are teaching someone something like computer software who
knows own handwriting. You taught him a lot of different fonts, different people styling, words of
english, how does this happen, what are their different patterns,after teaching him all this, and
they are improving from time to time. But if someone teaches him something in hindi then he will
fail, because he was taught only english. So he will be able to tell only things related to english.
Machine learning is just that you are making that system expert in a specific thing through an
algorithm who is becoming an expert with experience. For example, you teach him to play
cricket so he plays only hockey, he won’t be able to play chess because he was not taught to
play chess. The scope of machine learning is limited.

Difference between AI and MI

Advantage of machine learning(MI):

a) Improved accuracy
b) Cost reduction
c) scalability
d) increased efficiency
e) data dependency
f) sampling
g) computational resources
Disadvantage of machine learning(MI):
a) Time & resources
b) Algorithm section
c) high error susceptibility
d) privacy concern
e) Ethical concerns
f) overfitting
g) high error chances
Artificial intelligence (AI): This AI system is intelligent in everything, that means he can answer
anything and can enter input from own side. AI understands the creativity of humans very well
and the AI systems work like this.He will do one thing randomly, not just a pattern he will see
many other things and then he will take actions with own mind and give answers. There are also
different types of AI. weak AI and strong AI, weak AI are not very powerful, they work with
limited skills and strong AI so they are advanced AI, for example you taught him to play cricket
or you gave him a hockey stick in his hand then still he will try to learn how to play cricket.

Difference between AI and MI

Advantages of Artificial intelligence(AI):
a) Reduction in human error: Our computer machine does not make mistakes because it will
retry only what is stored in it whether its face recognition, mathematic solving, point of physics,
no matter what the problem is he does not allow any errors, but humans may not have that
much accuracy, that they can do even simple calculations properly.
b) Available(24*7): Any human can do 9-10 hrs work but this is not a problem with machines, he
can do work 24/7 who’s are artificial machines.
c) Helping in Repotative jobs: A human being gets bored of working at one place But our AI
machines, if AI is given a task to perform, AI never gets bored of it. He can do work
d) Faster decision: If we play chess we will play with our mind but whoever plays through AI it
takes faster decisions more than human, it’s hard to beat AI.
e) Use as daily application: Nowadays we use AI devices more, we use per day, whether its
camera, alexa, emails. We can use AI in general life.

Disadvantages of Artificial intelligence(AI):
a) Making humans lazy: it makes humans feel lazy about their work, work we can do ourselves,
humans have started doing the same work by taking AI help.
b) Unemployment: A single AI machine can affect people’s work.
c) No emotions: Machines don’t care about humans whether you are happy or not.
d) Lacking out of box thinking: AI machines can think only as far as it is programmed.

Difference between AI and MI
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