We are listing out for you the top smartphones in the world that are now available or soon will be in the market based on performance and price from good to better to best. Some of these may surprise you.

Here is a collection of the top smartphones in the world:

Nokia X20

It is Nokia’s affordable flagship 2021 phone. Nokia is doing a lot of great stuff right now. Their phones are all inexpensive and they are bloatware-free. Nokia offers extended warranties as well as extensive software support. Their entire angle is sustainability: smartphones that you buy and you keep. But for this X20 their marketing doesn’t even mention a single specification. Also, this phone is absolutely crushed by even the cheaper phones from companies like Xiaomi in pricing.

top smartphones in the world

Samsung A52

Samsung A52 is like Samsung’s mid-range flagship phone of the year. It has a fun design and is pleasant to use but the price, Rs.26,000 is too much for this. It is like Samsung took their best phone and made everything else a bit worse. You can buy better flagship smartphones with this amount (like Realme flagship phones).

top smartphones in the world

Oppo Find X3 Pro

The company’s 2021 flagship that looks a little too close to the iPhone is Oppo Find X3 Pro. There’s plenty to like about it. It is supremely comfortable, has a good camera setup, and competes with other top-end phones in terms of performance. This is why it has been listed as the top smartphones in the world. The only unlikable thing about this phone is its price, which is approximately Rs.1 Lakh.

top smartphones in the world

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra

Yes, ZTE is still making phones, and its Axon 30 Ultra is genuinely worth talking about. With Snapdragon 888 chipset, 144Hz refresh rate AMOLED display, big battery, fast charging, and stereo speakers, it is a highly competitive phone and hence added to the top smartphones in the world list. Its looks are also premium-like, similar to Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra.

It is thought to have a price of $749 which is quite surprising. But the only drawback of this phone is its cameras as they are really not that impressive. Everything from the interface to the image processing feels really behind.

top smartphones in the world

iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini has not been a commercial hit, but Apple first came out and announced that they built a full flagship 5G iPhone that literally fits into your palm. Everyone thought that this phone is gonna fly off the shelves, but it didn’t. iPhone 12 mini only made out 5%-7% of the total iPhone 12 sales, but that doesn’t mean that it is a bad phone.

It is really one of the top smartphones in the world. The reason it didn’t sell so well is that its price is too close to a much bigger iPhone 12. It has the same speedy experience with great cameras as the 12.

top smartphones in the world

ASUS ROG Phone 5

Asus ROG Phone 5 is a beast. It is also one of the top smartphones in the world and one of the highest-performing smartphones present that one can use today. It has a 6000mAh huge battery earning it the Best Battery Phone so far in 2021 and its speakers are so punchy that you would just like to lose yourself in them.

Its only problem comes from the fact that it is a pretty specialized device whose main purpose is heavy gaming, it has some slightly outdated-looking bezels and has a camera system that feels noticeably lacking.

top smartphones in the world

Lenovo Legion Phone Dual 2

It almost matches the Asus ROG in specs but has 50% more RAM and 100% more storage by default. It has fans built inside of it instead of needing this external attachment and somehow it is cheaper. This phone’s hardware is so fantastic for the money that they can’t be generating enough profit.

However, the software is a bit of a letdown, since the camera image processing isn’t getting the most out of the camera technology you have here. Another one of the top smartphones in the world is also the winner of the title Best Gaming Phone of 2021.

top smartphones in the world

Zenfone 8 Flip

It is a very good phone, but it is no longer the best, simply because all they have done is taken last year’s Zenfone 7 and given it a little spec bump. Its highlight is its flip camera that can act as both rear and front camera (same as Zenfone 7). If you ever get to try its selfie camera, it is so good that you have to smile.

top smartphones in the world

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Pro is a great phone, but the reason that it is not higher on the list is that it is just an optional extra to the iPhone 12. It offers a few fairly minor features like a Lidar scanner for better-augmented reality, and a 2x telephoto lens. It also has extra storage, is heavy, and also has a matte finish. iPhone 12 is the base version of the iPhone 12 series.

It is just as powerful, the screen is almost identical to iPhone 12 Pro and you still get all the iOS features, and still, it is 200$ cheaper making it one of the top smartphones in the world by features. But it comes with a 60Hz display versus 120Hz or 144Hz and it only starts with 64GB of storage.

top smartphones in the world    top smartphones in the world

Xiaomi Mi 11

It is cheaper than Samsung’s S21 in just about every region but the US, and spec-wise it is more of a match for the Galaxy S21+. It is a high-end flagship all around with a best-in-class display. The only potential hurdle is Xiaomi’s MIUI software skin which many people don’t like.

top smartphones in the world

Google Pixel 4a

It was Google’s mid-range phone from 2020 but no part of this phone’s spec sheet is impressive in 2021. It is just carried by phenomenal software which makes it a price-worthy phone. It has a really enjoyable size, the bezels are nice and even and it is powerful enough that you won’t be worrying about the speed.

top smartphones in the world

Zenfone 8

It is probably the best compact phone you can get which has an extremely basic design. Like the iPhone 12 mini, this is a flagship phone through and through. But unlike that one, this one has a great battery too. It is pretty much the only small phone which has no negative consequences.

top smartphones in the world

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

It is genuinely the most refined and polished device Samsung has ever released. It is a big visual upgrade over the S20 Ultra plus a long list of subtle corrections.

top smartphones in the world

Redmi Note 10 Pro

It has a 108-megapixel camera, 120Hz display, 5010mAh battery, and is only for 279$. This shows that it has extreme levels of value. The only reason some people don’t like this phone is that it has ads in the software, but they don’t know that they can turn them off.

top smartphones in the world

Poco F3

Poco F3 is less about the camera but is more about processing power. So, for 350$ you get a 120Hz AMOLED display, 4520mAh battery, and the Snapdragon 870 chip. It is not the absolute bleeding edge you can get, but it is an overclocked version of last year’s flagship with snapdragon 865.

top smartphones in the world

There are many excellent phones that we have not mentioned in the list such as the OnePlus 9, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and many more. You can choose any phone you want but we would suggest you first compare it with other phones.


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