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Best Place to Visit in Kumbhalgarh

Best Place to Visit in Kumbhalgarh

The strength of our country is well preserved in the form of famous infrastructure; one of them is situated on the Aravalli mountains in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, being 103 km away from Jaipur (pink city). Kumbhalgarh fort is one of the Best Place to Visit in Kumbhalgarh, it has many gateways and 360 temples out of which are 300 Jain temples. Kumbhalgarh Fort was built by the honorable king Rana Kumbha in the 15th century.

Let’s talk About Best Place in Kumbhalgarh – Kumbhalgarh Fort

Architect Madan designed it and wrote about his style of working in his book, Raj Vallabh. He dedicated his text to Rana Kumbha. This fort is also known as the birthplace of Maharana Pratap who was the king of Mewar. As we know this fort shows the Mewari culture inside it.

8 years back Kumbhalgarh fort was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it has the privilege of being with Badal Mahal. This can be seen by climbing the narrow stairway of this fort. It is the most renowned fort and complex of history after Chittor Fort, Rajasthan.

The Kumbhalgarh fort walls are so wide that eight horses can walk through it and we have to enter through several massive gateways before entering the main fort. The surprising fact is that Each coming gate will be narrower than the previous one. This is an intelligent idea to stop huge animals like elephants and armed vehicles outside the Fort.

This fort is 3600ft tall with 32 km long which made it the second-largest wall. We should not avoid the significance of its building material due to which it is durable enough to go through several centuries in the future and it has remarkable history too. Kumbhalgarh Fort has been through so many wars but still, there is no demolition in its structure till now.


Best Place to Visit in Kumbhalgarh


History of Kumbhalgarh Fort: –

The very first name of the fort was Machhindrapur, Sahib Haqim gave it another name Mahore. It is believed that the original fort was built by King Samprati of the Maurya Age in the 6th century. Till conquering Alauddin khilji the historians haven’t recorded much text about this might fort. Because they do not want Khilji to capture the Fort. The true descendent of Sisodia Rajput’s named King Rana Kumbha gave us the current Kumbhalgarh fort. He is also known as the Rana of Mewar.

Due to its better construction, it is used as a place of refuge by various kings and ministers of Mewar on occasions of threat and danger. The prince Udai was secretly brought here. So, the Mughals do not succeed to kill him and destroy the Kingdom. At the same time, the Chittor fort was also captured by the Mughals After winning the battle of Haldighati, the Mughals besieged the fort on the order of Man Singh II and Army general of Akhbar great named Shahbaz Khan. In 1818 Sanyasis with armed resources tried to protect the fort from British rulers. But was convinced by lieutenant James Tod and they hand over the castle to Britishers.

The castle also has the footsteps of idols on Hanuman Pol that provide a complete outlook on how the fort was built in that era. The Badshahi Bavdi is a water tank in which drinking water is stored for the army, it was built by Akhbar the great in 1578. During the construction, the builders and architects suffered many times. After that, they decided to do a human sacrifice. The construction was completed and one particular area of the fort named Hanuman Pol was devoted to the warriors who sacrificed themselves for the cultural feelings. It contains a temple and a shrine to thank them.


Best Place to Visit in Kumbhalgarh


Kumbhalgarh Fort Now: –

It is a famous tourist destination and it is visited by tourists from all world as Kumbhalgarh Fort is the Best Place to Visit in Kumbhalgarh. Every year a three days function is organized by the Rajasthan government to honoring King Rana Kumbha for his devotion and love for architecture and heritage. In 2013 Six forts were declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO and it is one of them. We can say that Kumbhalgarh fort is not in a good position today but visiting this place well worth your time and it will be a memorable experience for you.

You will not stop endorsing the beauty of other forts you see from the terrace of the castle. The lighting in the night is marvelous.


Best Place to Visit in Kumbhalgarh


Nine things you should not miss while staying in Kumbhalgarh: –

–  Kumbha Palace – The residence of King Rana Kumbha.

–  Badal Mahal – The highest point in the Kumbhalgarh fort.

–  Lakhola Tank –  Tank which is 5 km in length and 100m in breadth.

–  Ram Pol –  The main gateway of the fort.

–  Hanuman Pol – Shrine and temple devoted to the martyred.

–  Visit Famous Temples

– Baoris and Water Reservoirs.

And for stay, you can opt Edhatu Kumbhalmer Resort, it is one of the Best Hotel in Kumbhalgarh.


Sound and Light Show in Kumbhalgarh Fort: –

A 45 minutes session is held in Kumbhalgarh fort where the history is told with the means of light and sound show. The fee is 200 rupees for foreigners and 100 Rupees for Indians.

Kumbhalgarh fort will be a great experience for you as it has several fascinating stories. There are several other tourist destinations present like Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuaries.

The nearby Railway station is Falna and the Nearby domestic airport will be Udaipur. You should take a private vehicle or cab with you to experience the joy out there without much hotchpotch. You are going to enjoy your trip the most at Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan.


Best Place to Visit in Kumbhalgarh




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