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Best Tourist Place in Rajasthan

Best tourist place in Rajasthan
Rajasthan is a great source of inspiration for history and architecture enthusiasts

Best Tourist Place in Rajasthan the most appealing destination, we can say the land where eminence is the method of living. It is likely the most renowned territory of India with regards to the travel industry and is the main location to explore. What’s more, the most popular and cherished locations are Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer. These urban communities are well worth examining their set of experiences and old town’s way of life and shades of this city.



Best tourist place in Rajasthan
It has preserved its cultural and traditional art and crafts more than any other place in India.

Culture & Lifestyle of Rajasthan- 

When you travel around the most wonderful thing you must see the glimpses of a cultural mix of faith, practices, and diversities, i.e. how life flourishes in the desert place where there is India. The culture of Rajasthan is so captivating far and wide on the grounds that it comprises of various kinds of music, moves, society expressions, manikin shows, and a lot more excellent things which draw in individuals to investigate the excellence of this state, even from abroad too. The Most life-changing embodiment of Rajasthan is their local people. They generally cause you to feel satisfied with their accommodation and their receptiveness and instruct you to lead a glad and euphoric life.

At the point when we talk about the Lifestyle of Rajasthan, the highest thing thinks about the method of dressing themselves. Their people both are love to enhance themselves with brilliant tones, itemized planning with some mirror work on their garments with the bits of Jewellery. The most customary thing for ladies is Sarees and Block Printed, Hand Painted, and Dyed Ghagras with Cholis. Also, there, men love to decorate themselves with various kinds of Colorful Kurta-Pajamas, Dhotis, and Jaipuriya pagris

and Jodhupuri safas.


Best Place to visit Rajasthan
Rajasthan with its deep-rooted culture and traditions boasts its rich history with a story around every corner

Fairs & Festivals-

Camel Festival celebrated near the Junagarh fort in Bikaner in January. It mainly focuses on camel Show loads of activities like people dance and music planned to hang on this day to expand the appeal of this celebration.

Special things to do on this day-

  • To watch the puppet shows
  • To go to various sorts of stalls like jewelry, handicrafts, pottery, and so forth.
  • Try the tea and desserts produced using the camel’s milk.
  • At the day’s end desert territory of Bikaner looks so sublime with the sparkling lights and firecrackers. It would appear that at least a heaven.
  • Kite Festival is held on 14th January of every year in Jaipur Rajasthan it is also known as makar Sankranti. On this day flying kites is an alternate sort of involvement for sightseers. On this day in Jaipur, all the shops were shut and individuals appreciate the celebration with their families on the terrace in the first part of the day as well as so in the night Jaipur sky is lit up with paper diyas and lights.
  • Desert Festival is a renowned celebration to celebrate in Jaisalmer in February. It is held 3 days before the full moon on the beautiful ridges of Thar Desert, i.e., 42 km from Jaisalmer. The combination of dance, music, beautiful clothing types, Art and specialties shows and rivalries were held which is spoken to by the expert craftsmen, and from the entirety of the world, individuals came to see and catch the occasions.
  • Gangaur Festival is extremely popular in Jaipur and it is praised in March and April. This is a celebration, which acclamations love and marriage and is centered around Goddess Gauri. The married women love the goddess for the achievement and flourishing of their life partners. The unmarried women love for finding a respectable companion later on.
  • Mewar Festival is praised for the appearance of the spring season in Udaipur between March and April. During the celebration days, the entire city of Udaipur gets doused in the shades of celebrations. To proceed with these celebration customs women gather to dress the photos of Isar (Lord Shiva) and Gangaur (Goddess Parvati). In the wake of dressing the icons, they pass on them in a customary motorcade encountering various pieces of the city.  And thereafter, the parade takes its activity towards the Gangaur Ghat at Pichola Lake. Presently, the icons are moved into unprecedented boats and immersed in the significant waters of the lake.
  • Elephant Festival is commended in Jaipur among March and April. Elephant Festival in Jaipur is a yearly festival that is excitedly praised not long before Holi (March) in Phalgun Purnima. It is praised to make the bond among elephants and neighborhood individuals of Rajasthan, this festival is devoted to Lord Ganesha who is acknowledged to be a block remover among the Hindus.
  • Teej Festival is celebrated in Jaipur in July and August. During the Teej Festival in Jaipur, Unmarried Girls and Married women go on a clear procession via conveying a Goddess Teej Mata. To start with, the symbol of the goddess is spruced up in a lovely saree and bits of adornments. This is the best and ideal opportunity to appreciate the Teej celebration. On this day women sing songs. These are for the most excellent piece of reverential tunes committed to Goddess Parvat.
  • Marwar Festival It is celebrated in Jodhpur in October. The primary interest of the celebration is the people’s music and moves. The individual’s entertainers and neighborhood specialists upgrade themselves in wonderful regular dress kinds of Rajasthan and offer live delight in the celebration. The acclaimed strongholds and first like the Umaid Bhawan, Mehrangarh Fort, and Mandore are the basic stages where individuals’ presentations are spoken to.
  • Pushkar Fair held in November in Ajmer on the Thar Dessert. Individuals result in these present circumstances celebration to exculpate their transgressions by washing in the blessed water of Pushkar’s lake. The individuals who wash at the hour of the full moon will get unique favors. On this day, camels are spruced up in an altogether different manner and partook in magnificence challenges, races, and moves and were exchanged. To engage the group, performers, aerialists, artists, snake charmers, and merry go round rides were kept.
  • Rajasthani cuisine-

Rajasthan is the most famous and exotic place to explore especially for food. These are the most famous dishes-

  • Daal baati churma
  • Onion kachori
  • Ghevar
  • Malpua
  • Papad ki sabzi
  • Gatte ki sabzi
  • Ker Sangri



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