HandiCraft Culture of Rajasthan

HandiCraft Culture of Rajasthan

Handi -Craft culture of rajasthan
The Rajasthan is famous for its handicraft work all over the world.

The handicraft culture of Rajasthan is adored that we must see when we visit Rajasthan. Rajasthan is universally known for the handicraft Culture, forts, history traditional culture, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks etc. The Rajasthan is famous for its handicraft work all over the world. People of Rajasthan are experts in handicrafts for several decades. and the beauty of Rajasthan is admirable Handicraft is very ancient in Rajasthan and it includes puppets, textile, leathercraft, lac bangles, pottery paintings, jewelry and gems stones, wooden work etc. The people of Rajasthan are very creative and have perfection in their artwork. Rajasthan is an incredible state. The Rajasthan is the land of kings and ancient and modern history. Rajasthan is inspirational and famous for Architecture. Rajasthan has a history of Indus Valley and Harappan Civilization. The culture of Rajasthan is mainly about the history, fairs & festivals, handicraft culture, dance & music, traditional customs.

Handi-Craft Culture of Rajasthan
Accessories like bangles can only enhance your looks, not your beauty.
  • Rajasthani lac bangles – Lac bangles are one of the beautiful bangles that every woman loves to wear. Lac bangles are very attractive the work done on the bangles is done with diligence. Rajasthan married women wear these bangles .the journey of making bangle is difficult, the journey starts from heating, combining, kneading, hammering and after all at the end they give shape to the bangles. the bangles are a symbol of joy colourful life. Bangles are a very important part of women’s life.  Lac is used in all the jewelry made in Rajasthan like necklaces,  headgears etc. Lac bangles are demanded throughout the world. This is the tradition of the Handicraft Culture of Rajasthan.
HandiCraft culture of Rajasthan
Rajasthan is very creative and has perfection in their artwork.

Nowadays, leather products are used in daily life. Rajasthan is most popular for its leather craft throughout the world, Bikaner produces decorative leather products like jackets, shoes, wallets, bags, belts and most attractive lampshades etc. Rajasthan is the main center of manufacture of leathercraft. The designs and perfectness of the finishing of the Rajasthan product have become more lucrative to the buyers.

Rajasthan is a colourful cultural product, the textile is a mixture of vibrant colours and prints .bhilwara and Sanganer is the city known for the textile fabrics in Rajasthan. If we want to find the best textile fabrics we have to visit the local market and the villages for handmade textile. chanderi silk suits sarees are very famous in Rajasthan.

HandiCraft culture of Rajasthan
Jodhpur is perfect and iconic
  • Rajasthan Jutties-The jutties of jodhpur are perfect and iconic handicrafts. These jutties are very beautifully decorated and well embroidery. Now, these jutties are wearing under the pyjama, suits, kurta and another outfit to look traditional .these jutties are worn by the men’s and the women in day to day life.
HandiCraft Culture of Rajasthan
kathputli is an ancient art of Rajasthan.

 The handicraft culture of Rajasthan puppet art is one of the Beautiful handicraft known as kathputli. This is an ancient art of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is incomplete without the puppet show. The puppet represents the whole culture of Rajasthan by beautiful performing dance, drama and many more items. Kathputli basically holds with string and made with wood. Jodhpur and Jaipur are the cities where the puppets are manufactured. These puppet shows are performed on the tourist site .this show is for 20 min and explains the culture, history, tradition of Rajasthan. To Rajasthan, you quit offering on that one might experience the totally spread desert and opportunity to enjoy the Natural at Rajasthan. Rajasthan as everybody known is a beautiful, energetic and enthusiastic condition of tremendous land and great individuals. The excellence of the state is spread everywhere on the state thus it is hard for vacationers to isolate locations while picking the top attractions of Rajasthan. Each city of Rajasthan has a one of a kind selling point, which nobody can neglect. Be it Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Bundi, Shekhawati, Kumbhalgarh or some other city, there is something fascinating about the city, which makes it deserving of a visit. Among other well-known things about Rajasthan, one engaging thing in the handicraft culture of the Rajasthan.

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