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How to Celebrate Navratri 2021 | Nine Days of Worship

How to Celebrate Navratri 2021 | Nine Days of Worship

 Nine Nights of Worship

Navratri is an auspicious Indian festival commemorating Maa Durga’s nine Nights of Worship. Durga—The Shakti is honored during the nine-day festival.  It commemorates Mata Rani’s assassination of an asura while protecting the truth and righteousness, and it is accompanied by a new night that ushers in positive energies. Navratri 2021 is significant not only because of its religious importance but also because of the activities that occur during it. From getting ready for Durga Pooja/Navratri 2021 to practicing that crazy fun Garba moves every day, to the excitement of preparing your bold and vibrant heavy to contemporary traditional dresses with matching statement jewelry, make-up, and so on.

It is a nine-day festival that is packed with prayers, pujas, fasting, feasting, and dancing dandiya nights, with each day having its own spiritual significance. People from all walks of life assemble in a joyful atmosphere amid colorful lights, almost to the point of a fiesta, in convention centers and grounds. We follow a Strict Vegetarian diet throughout this period of 9 days.

The Navratri festival is held twice a year, according to the Hindi months. The first Navratri is held in Chaitra month, while the second is held in Ashwin month. The first Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm in March/April and the second Navratri is celebrated in September/October.

Navratri 2021


Kanya Poojan:-

Girl Child is considered as the form of Devi Durga. That’s why the festival of Navratri ends with Pooja of Nine Girls who are worshipped as goddesses for each form of Devi. Their Feet are washed with Holy water (Ganga Jal) and Bhog is prepared with all the precautions important for Devi.

We do Tilak with vermilion and Tie Kaleva (holy thread) around their wrist. After Serving the Bhog, We pray to them and apologize for our mistakes.

We offer Flowers, Churnaamrit, and Kapoor to Devi. After that Cow Milk, Ghee and sugar are used to Bath the Murti. And offer new clothes to Devi. After that, we do the Pooja and get the blessings from 9 Devi from girl children. Hindus worship nine different types of Maa Durga; hence the name of the festival is Navratri 2021.

Navratri 2021


Navratri 2021

  • Maa Shailputri
  • Maa Brahamcharini
  • Maa Chandraghanta
  • Maa Kushmanda
  • Maa Sakandmata
  • Maa Katyayani
  • Maa Kalratri
  • Maa Mahagauri
  • Maa Siddhidatri

Navratri 2021

In these 9 manifestations of Maa Durga, the description of which day is worshipped and celebrated as their day.

On April 13, Chaitra Navratri will begin.

On April 21, they will come to an end.

Let’s know about these Nine Days Of Worship 

April 13, Tuesday: The first day of Navratri is of goddess Shailputri. On this day, the establishment of Kalash i.e. Ghatasthapana is done. Worshiping mother Shailputri keeps the mother’s blessing on the person. Shail means mountain and Putri means daughter. Hence, Shailputri means Daughter of the mountain. After doing self-sacrifice Goddess Sati took rebirth as the daughter of Lord Himalaya and she was named Parvati. She wears white clothes and holds Trishul and rides Nandi. Governing planet is Moon.

Navratri 2021

Wednesday, April 14: Maa Brahmacharini is honored on the second day of Navratri. Worshiping them inspires courage, sacrifice, virtue, and self-control. Brahmacharini means a female student living in an Ashrama with other students following spirituality. She wears white clothes and holds jap mala in her right hand and has a utensil in her left hand. She walks on bare feet and signifies sobriety and simplicity. Governing planet is Mars.

Navratri 2021

Thursday, April 15th: The goddess Chandraghanta is honored on the third day of Navratri. By worshipping them, our words purify. Chandraghanta is made up of two words Chandra means Moon and Ghanta means bell. This day of Navratri is very calm and peaceful and it’s devoted to the most powerful form of Devi. She has a moon and bell-like tilak on her forehead. That’s how she is called Maa Chandraghanta. This Devi is ready to fight for her devotees who are in trouble. It is believed that sound from her moon and bell destroys all the evil on their devotees.


Navratri 2021


Friday, April 16: Maa Kushmanda is honored on the fourth day of Navratri. Worshiping them cures sickness and brings happiness, as well as increasing one’s age and fame. Ku means a little and Ushma means energy and Anda is taken from Brahmanda meaning the universe. In the gist, It means a little energy that created the universe. She created the universe with the energy from her smile. She took the form of siddidhatri Devi started to live inside the Sun and her glow and radiance give us the energy we get from the sun. She has eight hands where her left hands have Amrit Kalash, Jap mala, Gada, and Chakra and her right hands have kamandalu, Dhanush, Bada, and kamal.

Navratri 2021

Saturday, April 17: Maa Skandamata is honored on the fifth day of Navratri. Worshiping them allows you to enter the kingdom of God.Skanda refers to Kartikeya ( the war god ) Skandmata is mother of Karitikeya. She has four hands in the upper two hands she is holding a lotus and in the lower hands. She holds baby Skanda ( the war god ). The devotees who worshipped Skandmata get the blessing of Lord Skanda.

Navratri 2021

Sunday, April 18: We pray to goddess Katyayani on the sixth day of Navratri. The enemies become vulnerable as a result of worshipping her. To destroy the Mahishasura, Devi got reincarnated as the daughter of sage Katyayana and helped the dev. She is known for her retributive justice over the demons or we can say evil powers. She forgives the mistakes of anyone if we apologize with pure heart and Devi is pleased by our prayers. She rides a huge lion.

Navratri 2021

Monday, April 19: Maa Kaalratri is honored on the seventh day of Navratri. One can be free from all his sins by worshipping her. She is the most furious form of Devi. Kaalratri means a night of death. She is superior to Kala ( time ) and she absorbs all light, time, and events within herself. She has a black complexion and she rides a donkey. She has four hands where her left hands carry a sword and a deadly iron hook other hands are in vadramudra and Abhaya mudra.

Navratri 2021

Tuesday, April 20: Maa Mahagauri is honored on the eighth day of Navratri. Worshiping them cleanses the soul of all sins and brings peace. Due to her extremely fair complexion, she is known as mahagauri (Gauri meaning fair). The Devotee who pleases her there all the mistakes and flaws will be destroyed and they will be embraced by her grace. She rides Nandi and holds Trishul just like Maa Shailputri. She is known as the forgiving mother as she forgives all the sins when we pray to her with a clean heart.

Navratri 2021

Wednesday, April 21: Maa Siddhidatri is honored on the ninth day of Navratri. An individual may obtain all of the excellence and institutions by worshipping them. Siddidhatri is the mother of all siddhis. She provides success and fame to her devotees. She rides a tiger or lion. She sits on a lotus flower. She is worshipped by devas, asuras, and humans, and all of them are treated in the same way by her.

The Science of Fasting:

As all of us know fasting has its own benefits whether it’s controlling the blood sugar level, controlling obesity, or removing toxins from our body. When we fast the body flushes out the toxins out of our body and the cells are forced to do the necessary functions which are not processed during the continuous supply of food. For example:- Our body produces its own glucose by converting non – carbohydrates in our liver into energy sources. This process is known as Gluconeogenisis. Ketosis is another process in which our body uses fat as a primary source of energy. This burns the excessive fat in our bodies.

How can we do Fasting during Navratri?

Day 1 to 3 –> We can have a fruit diet with tender coconut water. Milk and other low Ph fruit will be best. As they stop the excessive acid production.

Day 3 to 6 –> Have a light energy drink in the morning followed by a Traditional diet for Navaratri only for one meal and you can add buttermilk or fruit juices for the rest of the days.

Day 7 to 9 –> Add some starch to the diet and go ahead with Navaratri snacks for these days.

Now that you understood about Navratri 2021 and Its Significance, We pray that the nine forms of the goddess may bring all the luck and prosperity to you and your family.

Happy Navratri


Navratri 2021

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