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Kolkata travel 2022 | Kolkata city attraction

Kolkata travel

Being one of the main cities in India, Kolkata (until 2001, known as Calcutta) is the capital city of the state of West Bengal. It is rich in not only history, but also culture, heritage, and cuisine. It is also one of the places in India where will find some things no tourism guidebook will tell you about. Read on to find out about some of the most unusual things to do in Kolkata, for when you next plan a trip to  Kolkata travel.

Writer’s Building

Kolkata travels

Constructed in the year 1777, The Writer’s Building was the principal administrative office for writers of the British East India Company, a trading company that came to the subcontinent for Indian products and ended up colonizing nearly the entire region. The building itself was designed by Thomas Lyon. Ever since then, it underwent several changes and improvements – now, it is 150 meters long with 13 blocks! Before the colonial rule, it served as a home to the Fort William College; and during, it served as a building for writers of the Secretariat. And now, it is the home of the state government of West Bengal.

Clay statues of Kumartuli

Clay statues of KumartuliThis is one of the fun things to do in Kolkata. In the potters’ quarters clay statues of Kumartuli, you can find something very interesting: A long tradition of potters who have settled here. Due to the colonial rule, there was one area of Kolkata that was called “Black Town” – that is the place where Indians lived. There were traders, carpenters, chicken-sellers, etc. here; the potters lived – and still live – in clay statues of Kumartuli, in Barabazaar.
The potters have been making idols of gods and goddesses ever since then, an annual tradition that still exists today. When festivals are approaching, they showcase their best work. In Kolkata clay statues of kumartuli is very famous. it is a true Kolkata city attraction thing.

World’s Biggest Banyan Tree

When planning your Kolkata travel, do not, at any cost, forget The Great Banyan Tree. In the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden, another incredible thing exists The Great Banyan Tree—(currently0 the biggest in the world! It is very old, too—over 250 years—and covers more than 8 acres. It survives without its main truck, with some 3,770 aerial trunks!

Black Hole of Calcutta

Black Hole of CalcuttaThe name “Black Hole of Calcutta” is quite the infamous name in the city of Kolkata, associated with the bloody events as a result of colonialism. It might sound like something along the lines of the Bermuda Triangle, but that is far from the truth by any stretch of the imagination. The Black Hole of Calcutta was a misfortune that occurred for three days beginning on 20 June 1756, with the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Daulah, assuming control over the Old Fort William with his army. He then continued to push more than 146 people into a little prison in the stronghold that was around 4.3 × 5.5 meters or 14 × 18 feet in dimensions –too small for a very large prisoner count. All these prisoners were British.
The British eventually captured back the fort and retaliated by defeating  Siraj-ud-Daula at the Battle of Plassey in the year 1757. Today, this commemoration is covered in St John's Church and what survives from the Old Fort William at the General Post Office. It is not a Kolkata city attraction place.

South Park Street Cemetery

kolkata city attraction

Frequently named the most spooky spot in Kolkata, there are 1,600 gothic burial chambers that make up the South Park Street Cemetery. Founded in the year 1767, it was used for European members of society, mostly the officials of the British East India Company and their families. It fell into neglect around the year 1790 and was completely abandoned in the year 1830. Today, it is preserved by the Archeological Survey of India. Like Highgate Cemetery in London, the South Park Street Cemetery has bunches of intricate gothic burial chambers that are completely shrouded in greenery. A few notable tombs are the bust of Henry Derozio, a radical Indo- Portuguese thinker, Walter Landor Dickens, Charles Dickens' son, and Sir William Jones, the principal architect of the Asiatic Society. It is a Kolkata city attraction place.

Hot Kati Rolls

When your stomach growls with all the sightseeing, you can head straight to a stall that sells hot Kati rolls. There are many sprinkled around the city. It is most definitely street food and tastes like homemade kabab. Kati rolls are one of the best Kolkata city attractions. They are nothing but wraps loaded up with hot chicken, onions, flavors, and sauce. It is totally delightful; it’s no wonder that throngs of local people come here to eat each night.

Kolkata Tram Ride

Kolkata travels

Kolkata is now perhaps the only city in India where you can ride an electric cable car on public roads. Introduced in 1902, the city's cable car network is the most established one in Asia. It is operated by Calcutta Tramways Company (CTC). The beginning of the Kolkata Tram traces all the way back to the year 1873 when a 3.9 km tramway service was presented among Sealdah and Armenian Ghat. However, this assistance was ceased in the same year due to insufficient funding. In the seven years that followed, meter-gauge tracks were laid, and horse-drawn cable cars were operated between Sealdah and Armenian Ghat through Bowbazaar Street, Dalhousie Square, and Strand Road. In the year 1882, steam trains drawn by horses were replaced by cable cars. Towards the end of the 19th century, CTC claimed 1,000 horses, 7 steam trains, 166 cable cars, and 19 miles of cable car tracks! Trams in Kolkata were electrified in the year 1900, and tracks were reworked. Cable cars working right now in the city of Kolkata are of various types. A unique studio has been underlying Nonapukur that is taken part in revamping and planning new cable cars. These are some of the most unusual things to do in Kolkata.

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