RIP Sushant Singh

We will be happy when we become successful, rich and popular. Really? What is true success? How do we define riches? Is there any permanency in popularity?⁣⁣It’s high time for us to understand that true happiness is something which comes from within and not without. To be truly happy is to be at peace with everything around us. Let’s not wait for things to get better to find peace because that is never going to happen. We need to learn to find our peace amidst the chaos of world. And that peace and happiness comes when we connect with our inner voice, our soul and walk towards the journey of enlightenment. ⁣⁣I know it won’t happen all at once, but let’s take one step at a time. Let’s start with taking care of ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Let’s not be afraid to express ourselves and ask for help when needed. Let’s be more cautious about our surroundings inside and outside. Read more, know more, learn more. Let’s grow stronger and happier. Let’s be more kind and compassionate to every little being. ⁣
Sushant, ⁣I’ve been always inspired by your journey and works. Thank you for everything. It’s tough for me to understand why you did what you did. But I hope your soul finds the eternal happiness and peace.

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