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squid game season 2 trailer

squid game season 2 trailer

Squid game season 2 trailer released.first we talk about squid game season 1.Squid game
season1 was gonna be trending on netflix,and this series would become the most watched
series on netflix.in starting few episodes the series was normal,it grew interesting and shocking
as the episodes moved on amazing acting,cinematography, visually beautiful & incredible
direction. Right from the beginning of the games no one knew which games they would play,
only the doctor knew because he was working with the guards. But do know every game was
shown to all 456 participants each & every day. When the last 3 players returned to the hall. We
can see that on the walls there were paintings of all the games they played before. If the players
tried to look those paintings carefully, they would have known which game they will next.front
man’s secret, one of the major reveals of this series was of this series was of the police officer’s
brother in-ho, who was the front man, and in one of the episode we also saw that in-ho won the
squid game in 2015.so after winning why he still stayed there as frontman. Sae-byeok says to
this guy that if he doesnt help she will slit his throat and her death also happened due to slitting
throat. Later in this scene sang-woo was sitting in the bath tub wearing a suit and he was trying
to commit suicide where he killed himself with a knife & commits suicide. In this scene Ali stole
the bag of money after coming back from the game and later sang-woo also cheated him by
stealing his bag. Here doek-su jumped from the bridge and later died by falling from the
bridge.then he says the password is red light green light which was the name of the first game.

squid game season 2 teaser released

The number of gi-hun was 456 and the total winning amount was 45.6 billion. After voting, when
the game was abandoned and every player returned home a card was sent to them again to
give them a second chance. So how did they come to know where the constants live? The
simple answer is the clip near the ear was used to track them all. it shows a mysterious man as
it starts which was being said about 2 goldfish, and further it is revealed that he takes those fish
to the appartment and put it in the fishbowl and further the face of this mysterious man is shown
who is none other than jun-ho whom we know as the character of season 1 as a frontman. This
situation is called fish in the bowl, that means the only place where no one gets privacy and this
situation is from in- ho’s life of how badly he may be in the middle of a squid game because the
frontman is that character who was the winner of squid game season 1. But even after winning
the game, no player is allowed to go like that, they are monitored a lot. A tracking device is
inserted inside each player. After that, someone is standing outside in- ho’s apartment who is
not seen but he looks like jun-ho from his face structure, and this is the character who reveals
all the secrets of squid games and also collects all the evidence against squid games.that it
turns out that jun-ho had come to find his brother in the squad game he is none even he is the
frontman. One thing was told in the last episode that in-ho gives the kidney to jun-ho. That
shows that there was a very good bond between the 2 brothers. At the end, it is shown that
jun-ho is leaving from there after collecting all the evidence but the frontman finds him. After that
the frontman shoots jun-ho. These people kept jun-ho’s death mysterious so that the audience
could be curious for season 2 and the frontman is alive. In season 2 the frontman’s back story
will be revealed and how he is still connected with this game even after being a winner. Jun-ho
will be shown how to free his brother, this time jun-ho will not be alone, Seong Gi-hun will
accompany him on that. The motive of both is to take revenge from the squid game. Seong
Gi-hun How he enters in the game because squid games has its eye on the Seong Gi-hun. The
one we saw got his hair colored and his hair color named his red color. Squid presents different
events and elements through colors right from the start of the games where every color has its
own meaning. These colors are between player and guard. It will be shown in season 2. Gi-hun
will enter as a worker, as Gi-hun kept playing the squid game his attachment with the players
kept increasing. After which Gi-hun in the squid games were not as easy as if seemed, it’s not
easy to expose the squid game, similarly these games are being played in other countries and
they are being lived and killed, and some hints about the game first season may have been
found hide and seek game also be seen in season 2. The one who is caught will be killed, the
one who is not caught will also be killed. When Vips enter, they say that they like Korean games
the best among all the games in the world. The master mind named 001 OH ILL Naam, what is
his connection with the entire game, we will get to see in season 2.

squid game season 2 teaser released
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